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  1. jus10inla

    Pretty sure Roo for 2/3 ?

    See attached pics . Hatched approximately first of November. I feel pretty positive 2 out of the 3 leghorns are roos, due to there nature and size. They square up to each other occasionally. The pullet is still growing in feathers. Unsure of the 2 rhode islands; both appear pullet to me...
  2. jus10inla

    Olive Egger? Roo or Bossy hen

    Almost positive this is olive egger. It could only be a olive or marans, as i hatched both out in that batch but only 2/10 mDe it… the rest a hawk cleaned me out when it broke the fence. according to my records, i hatched it out may 2021. The other olive just started laying. But i think im...
  3. jus10inla

    Keep mud down - suggestions?

    Yard is 24x24, with a 10x 20 wing. Only section staying muddy is by the waterer. I have 15 chickens, 6 ducks. Ideally once i finish the ducks there personAl water trough the 10x20 wing will be for them. Any suggestions tho for now how to keep the mud down ??
  4. jus10inla

    Size of Run?

    I have 6 ducks; Rouen & 2 swedish mix drakes, and a pekin, cayuga, & indian runner hen. Currently they are co habiting in a 25x25 run with 11 chickens. Everyone has plenty room to eat, drink, sleep, no fights so far however i am going to separate so i can have the water set up a little...
  5. jus10inla

    What breed & gender?

    So i was gifted 6 ducks. I know nothing about them other than there nasty & messy 😂😂 i have them set up with nesting boxes . So they wil be taken care of with my 30 chickens.. anyway heres pix. I know 3 drakes & 3 hens. Also, what can i expect about egg laying? There about a year old
  6. jus10inla

    Ringworm in poop

    Never have seen them in 4 years of having up to 40 birds, but any how apparantly one has them. Im gona treat entire flock, but what is best alternative without catching each one individually? Could i pour apple cider vinegar in there waterer? (On demand 5 gallon bucket with trough) or a powder...
  7. jus10inla

    BarnyArd mix / trade for ANY crested

    Would anyone be interested in trading a dozen (or more) of my barnyard mix for at least (6) crested? Im looking for polish, large fowl silkie , spitzbaun, etc.. i have orpington, turken, ameraucana, cochin, orloff, legohrn, barred rock & some rainbow / olive eggers. located in 70818 Louisiana
  8. jus10inla

    Anyone ever heard of a gemstone?

    my local hatchery / small farm is very popular for creating there line of them. Just wondering if anyone heard of it as a different name. Coming up short on gemstone in A search Bar. is this just their name for the saphire gemstone? pix in next post
  9. jus10inla

    Do i have 2 or 3 roos?

    Will post pix below here . I know 3 & 8 are roo, but 2 may be as well. They are now just under 3 months old, born Mar 1 there is 4 olive egger, an easter egger, 2 marans & a plymouth. What do yall think?
  10. jus10inla

    Nurture 360 Egg Bumper Guard

    I had some spare time to fab up a egg bumper... give me your thoughts and opinions. I see it as a way teh chicks can thoroughly dry out, while letting there siblings hear them chirp, but not play bumper cars! 22 is way too many I believe , so i made this one for 16. Once lockdown starts and egg...
  11. jus10inla

    Red Mulch for Nesting Box & Coop Floor?

    Just what it says. Currently i use the pine flake from TSC in nesting box, but i have a few bags of this mulch left. Since the last storm my flakes are soaked. CAn i use this in its place in the nesting box? It is a completely open front design. So plenty ventilation Next, can i put this stuff...
  12. jus10inla

    How much gumbo here

    Go ahead & break my heart. 8 birds, 6 weeks old tomorow . Looking like 3 pullets & 5 roos. But help me out here got 4 olive egger, 2 maran/welsummer cross, plymouth rock, & an easter egger. *pix under here*
  13. jus10inla

    Auto feeder with Print / Design i built

    Ok. So i built one of these rather larger, (will explain later on what i learned) but i needed one for the younginz. Here are the sizes wood i used. I had alot of scraps left over from deer stands so i had no cost in this other than screws. Im expecting it to hold 50-75 lbs with ease, as my...
  14. jus10inla

    Chick walks then falls over

    See video.. what could it be.
  15. jus10inla

    Is this egg bound

    Olive egger. Possibly first egg. Never seen her in nest. Got home found her in n squat position and n corner of run. And covered in mud (from a mean ass roo who has since just met the dirty end of the 410) anyway ive been watching her for the past 2 weeks interested in laying but not serious...
  16. jus10inla

    Will this water base fit on a standard mason jar

    See this link . i have plenty of mason jars; i need a few for chicks . I have several auto waterers fir the big girls.
  17. jus10inla

    Is my girl just cold

    I have 4 or 5 different hens doing this ; just the only one i snapped pic of.. buff orp, olive egg, plymouth rock, turken & cochin are the main ones . They are all puffed up and some arr hiding there heads. Temp is mid to high 30s. Which is extremely cold for south Louisiana 🤣🤣 the other 15 are...
  18. jus10inla

    High volume float valve

    Good afternoon; has anyone found a decent high volume float valve ? I installed one today and man is it SLOW!! Like trickle out!! Guess you get what you pay for🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ 1/2 Inch NPT Mini Float Ball... at this rate it might be...
  19. jus10inla

    Issues with new birds not eating

    Good afternoon; i have an auto feeder i built ; app 5’ wide and holds 100 lbs feed. 9 birds can stand beside each other. I have 15 birds been eating from it for approximately one year. I also have some (3) 5-6 month old birds who just came out of brooding pen to incorporate with the rest of...
  20. jus10inla

    Is this a hiccup ? Burp?

    One of my plymouth has been hiccuping/ burping every so often . Doesnt appear to bother her. What is suggestion.
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