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  1. kera!

    Attack roosters!!!!

    I cook all my mean ones for Dinner.. I believe they are either mean or nice.
  2. kera!

    Essential oils are?

    This is what I use on MY chickens I do not ever use chemicals or Antibiotics,, Just a word before I tell you about Essential oil use..PLease Please Know that I only use Doterra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil, these are the best quality oils in the world.. I feed them 5-7 drops of Oregano...
  3. kera!

    Essential Oils

    The Best Oil to bug is Doterra bug repellent Blend it is not expensive, no fillers , chemicals or any other things in it, beyond organic and affordable. mix 50 drops in 6 oz water shake shake shake and spray it every where in the coop also on the hens feet for mites works great
  4. kera!

    friendly good long term egg layers...

    If You want to have some of all I have rainbow of layers and after 18 months I know what I would get again and what I wouldnt. I think it depends on where you live what you feed and really what your overall goal of keeping chickens is..I have a cuckoo marans and I love her I would get a marans...
  5. kera!

    New additions what are they crossed with!

    The second one to me looks like to me like an easter egger and cuckko cross...
  6. kera!

    OK...My Turn-Girls or boys (Again) (PIC HEAVY)

    How old are they ?? If they are about a year then One buff is a roo and the red one is a roo,, If they are a year old you will see eggs soon when the days get a bit longer the last week of jan or first feb..
  7. kera!

    Does anyone NOT use a poop board and wish they had? or...

    I have a poop board I cover it in DE and every afternoon go out and scoop it into a 5 gal bucket, and then bag it up and toss it out.. no smell I use a 14'' flat putty scrapper for drywall to scrape
  8. kera!

    what breed are these?

    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy : Golden Buffs (a.k.a Red Sex Links, Cinnamon Queens, Production Reds..etc). ~ Aspen Yep thats what they are
  9. kera!

    Anyone have a mixed flock of bantams and standards?

    We have 20 large hens and 7 bantam silkies,,,,The large hens are BJG's wyandottes, RIR and so on.
  10. kera!

    Why do my pullets seem so irritable?

    I notice that when they want something out a treat they will bawk bawk bawk very a group of preschool children they will stop after a bit...they are just testing you to see if you will give in.
  11. kera!

    White leghorn 18 weeks..Guess How Much Longer! Pic +

    My leghorn started laying at 21 weeks and she is doing great that was 2 weeks ago and her eggs are starting get bigger, be patient, they will start laying when she is ready....
  12. kera!

    Fan in coop?

    I use a fan in my coop it works great!!
  13. kera!

    Partridge Rock Thread

    I was wondering I have a 22 week old partridge rock she seems to very slow to mature very slow,,,barely a comb and slight waddles is this normal and what age is the first egg for this breed.
  14. kera!

    ULtra KibBLE?? Anyone using IT???

    Quote: The Best place to Order is it is $4.95 to ship anywhere and it is 24.95 for the 15lbs..
  15. kera!

    ULtra KibBLE?? Anyone using IT???

    Ok so I did it $30 for Kibble and then mix with the scratch or homemade scratch it cost ,,,, Feeding farmers helper Ultra Kibble Cost $0.40 Lbs.. that is more than the $0.30 per lbs I was paying for Layena 20% but they say it goes farther and less stinky Poo! Happy mommy Happy Hens We will...
  16. kera!

    Newbie chicken owner - would like feed advice

    I feed mine medicated starter for at least 10 weeks and then go to medicated grower. and at 18- 20 weeks I give farmers Helper Ultra Kibble this mixed with scratch one part Ultra Kibble ten parts scratch..
  17. kera!

    Please HELP!!!LIMPING HEn ??

    I cant seclude her at all I do not have any where to put her ,,, she seems to be walking ok but when she tries to go fast she hops,, I hope it is just an injury and it will heal she has had her shots... so I dont think mareks she is my favorite hen!
  18. kera!

    Mites? Scaley LEG MITes?!?

    really, I had no clue, I have 8 or 9 friends who hve chickens and they say they have never heard of mites or lice being here at all...Thanks for the help I do the chickens for fun and my kids show them..but I want to have the healthiest Flock i can, I also tend to become overbearing and somewhat...
  19. kera!

    ULtra KibBLE?? Anyone using IT???

    I Just ordered farmers helper ultra kibble, for my chickens it was $30 with shipping for 15 # anyone us it? How do you like it? feed Less?
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