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  1. Green Bean Quail

    Stupid Idea- Unless.....? bonnet for quail?

    Hey! Idea! My quails are all settled and laying eggs like there’s no tomorrow! 2-1 a day on a regular basis. I have developed quite the taste for quail eggs! So creamy and rich! my female’s bald spot seems to be getting dry, and I bought some blue-kote to try and moisten it or I’ll use Vaseline...
  2. Green Bean Quail

    Feather Loss on Male's Head?

    Hey all! It is going to be a BIG week for my quails this Monday. They will be moving to a 16 square foot hutch complete with a sand bath, coconut shell play set, hay-filled nesting box, dirt, shavings and a tray of kentucky bluegrass to eat in. So excited to get them to their new home! Only...
  3. Green Bean Quail

    Can Quails Eat Canned Chickpeas?

    Hello! Quails are doing great, rather noisy but I have one (very horny) male and two females, they all get along very well and I have had no issues with fights or stress plucking, which I was worried about. I have them on grit and feed, but I wanted to add canned chickpeas, but should I rinse...
  4. Green Bean Quail

    How to Prepare Quails for Days Alone?

    My quails are five weeks old, and I am going to be leaving them for about three nights by themselves for a trip. If I stockpile their food and water, will I need to have anyone come feed or water them? I have neighbors that can do it but they have never raise quail so I’m hesitant to expose my...
  5. Green Bean Quail

    Best way to calm when vent sexing?

    Hey all! It’s that time I’ve been dreading...sexing the quail. I’ve never done it before, but I researched how to do it, but what’s the best way to calm the quails down WHILE I do it? Cover the head? I don’t want them to get traumatized because just recently they’ve started allowing me to pick...
  6. Green Bean Quail

    Moving heat lamp

    Hey! So my ENTIRE life is a lie and my quails are not bobwhites like I ordered-somehow I got buttons. I know the temps vary slightly for button v. Bobwhite incubation so I’m hoping that did not cause my super low hatch rate. They are two weeks now, but still don’t like any temp below 90...
  7. Green Bean Quail

    Will they like timothy hay?

    Hello! Quails are two weeks old, fluffy little nutters anddddd have discovered they can fly. So they do. One got out when I was filling up feed and I spent the morning chasing a feathered bullet around the basement. He's back in now! After about fifteen minutes of chase he decided he was too...
  8. Green Bean Quail

    Changed the Waterer and I’m not home- scared about drowning

    Hello! I recently changed the small lid I had as a starter watering place for the quails- water was drying too fast in heat lamp and they drank it all-to a normal quail/chicken water refilling dish. I added stones and the quails all drink from the side (don’t jump in at all) but I’m so scared of...
  9. Green Bean Quail

    Adding Mealworms at a Week Old?

    Hey all! My kids are doing really, really well. Pip, Blondie and Banjo are all developing full-on feathers now, and Blondie is going to be a beautiful, mostly-white bird. I already miss their little fuzzy stage, they have almost doubled in size and appetite! To celebrate their week of life today...
  10. Green Bean Quail

    Is my hutch appropriate?

    Hey all! here’s my brooder for my three babies. Just wondering, is it appropriate? One of my chicks is losing feathers on the edges of her wings so is there too little room? I can’t fix the white light, we live in rural area and it will take three weeks for a ref light to arrive (no Petsmarts...
  11. Green Bean Quail

    Chick feather loss on wings?

    Hey all! Blondie, my youngest chick, has still not grown in feathers in the edges of her wings. When she hatched, She didn’t have a whole lot of feathering along her back or wings, and the back had grown in but the bottom of the wings have not. I’m worried that one of the other chicks were...
  12. Green Bean Quail

    How to Pair off (can you do F F M? or MMF?)

    Hey guys! Just wondering, my possible quail combos of my three (I’m hesitant to sex until they’re a little older-don’t want to do too much the first weeks) are MMF MMM FFF MFF Are any of these unpairable? Right now there’s no fighting and most likely won’t be until (I think) sexually mature, but...
  13. Green Bean Quail

    How long do Tuxedos live-how to optimize age

    Hello all! After the culling of Hawking (disabled chick) I realized how much I want the best for these little guys. That’s brought me on the topic of lifespan. I’ve seen anywhere from a year and a half on constant light to five years. I have a white light now, I tried red and mine actually got...
  14. Green Bean Quail

    Baby Crippled? neck and legs can I save it!

    I assisted hatched a Tux quail yesterday, and I think I waited too long.neck and legs are bent, and he can’t move asides from squirming all over the floor. I was able to spoon water a little bit he won’t eat however. Any hope? Will supplements or casts work? I’m most worried about his neck. He...
  15. Green Bean Quail


    Hello! my egg (quail) has hit over 24 hours from pip and no hatch. The egg is cracked all the way around but the membrane isn’t broken, and is dark brown. The chick is partially visible but is starting to stop cheeping and moving. Should I assist???
  16. Green Bean Quail

    Last time I promise-Quail struggling to hatch?

    One egg i didn’t see before is hatching! However, it’s been 24 hours (currently 7 pm here) and the baby still isn’t out. The rest pipped, zipped and were out in like two to three hours! Should I leave it overnight? Or try to help?
  17. Green Bean Quail

    Baby Quails Green Poop

    Hey all! im back! The babies are self sufficient in food now thank to you, still working on water but getting there! However, their poop is green. I’m fairly sure they were immunized but Im worried about possible disease. Is this normal? The quails are secluded from all other animals and being...
  18. Green Bean Quail

    Baby Quails won’t find food

    Hello all! I just posted on the chicken forum by accident, but here I am again I have 2 day old, 3 baby quails that I hatched yesterday. They haven’t been very independent with food or water, I’ve had a small spoon I water and feed them with out of anxiety and they eat/drink whenever it is...
  19. Green Bean Quail

    Baby Quails Dependent on Help Feeding- What To Do???

    Hello! this is my VERY first time raising baby quails, and I hatched three recent out of a small batch of about 7 eggs. However, the three babies are about two days old now and haven’t quite gotten the hang of finding their own food, they eat readily from a small spoon I’ve been watering/feeding...
  20. Green Bean Quail

    Hello! First time quail raiser

    I am raising three chicks from a hatch of seven eggs and hoping for advice on keeping them thriving! I will be posting later in the Raising chicks section!
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