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  1. bbales

    Black Silkie Cockerel - Southern Maryland

    Any takers? I am located in La Plata, MD and cannot have chickens in the town, which I have so far gotten away with but I don't need a rooster announcing their existence on a regular basis!
  2. bbales

    Black Silkie Roo?

    I am pretty sure this is a rooster because of the enlarged comb and bigger size than the other silkies. Can anyone confirm? It is 4.5 months old. I haven't heard a crow yet, but I feel like it acts like a rooster. I am located somewhere I am not allowed to keep even hens so I would have to find...
  3. bbales

    A newbie needs help identifying a few of my chicks.....Thanks! =)

    So I ordered a few variety packs and am unsure of the exact breeds of a few of my chicks, hopefully someone will be able to help me!? I ordered 2 feather footed: The one to the far right....? I have two of these, they are still very fluffy whilst the others have almost lost all of their baby...
  4. bbales

    Hello from a fellow chicken lover from Maryland! =)

    Introducing the Coop/Run! (Before the cinder block addition to keep predators out along the bottom).... When they were just wee little babies! awww Me and my favorite lady! Jackson Bleu watching over his babies Hello there! I am unsure of what this chick is!? Maybe yall can help me...
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