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  1. CherishHolland

    HELP ASAP!!!!

    I have a 7 month old NN pullet who was inside due getting dusted for mites/lice,I dusted her sat her down washed my hands then turned around to give my 8 year old daughter her antibiotic which is 250 mg of Amoxicillin needless to say I dropped the pill and the NN grabbed it and ate it before I...
  2. CherishHolland

    Is this normal? Question about a broody

    I have a 9 month old Australorp who went broody a week ago,it snowed and I didn't get out in time to collect the eggs;so she took the opportunity to set on them. Well we were not planning on any more chicks until Feb. but since she was already on them I let her stay on them. We moved her to a...
  3. CherishHolland

    What can I give to a cat for a cold?

    My daughter's calico kitten is 3 months old and she has a cold. What can I give her to help treat it......I have duramycin Aureomycin tylan 50 and vetrx what would be the best out of these for a 3 month old kitten that weighs about 5lbs? Thank you and yes I know she should head to the vet but...
  4. CherishHolland

    Sitting here worrying

    Ok I was approached by my DD second grade teacher on doing a hatch project for the kids in the classroom. I agreed to it lent them one of our bators and candlers and tossed in a dozen eggs. Well Friday was lockdown and this whole weekend I have been sitting here worrying that the humidity levels...
  5. CherishHolland

    Just another question about an odd rooster and some of his odd behavior

    Let me set the back story I have an EE roo who we call Festus,he was given to us about 5 months ago. I wanted to add him to my flock of EE pullets so I did the slow introduction through a divided run and after 2 long weeks I decided to try to add him to the gals. Apparently the EE gals had...
  6. CherishHolland

    Moving chickens

    My husband has an opportunity to advance in the company that he is working for but upon accepting the promotion,it means that we will have to move and I mean move we would be leaving Texas and moving to Kansas. We would have to move 70-75 chickens how would we go about doing that? The drive is...
  7. CherishHolland

    What will a brown leghorn rooster bred to a white leghorn hen create

    I am wondering what their offspring will look like? I have six eggs in the bator and was wondering what they are going to look like post pictures please!!
  8. CherishHolland

    This is sad

    So almost a month ago I bought some eggs off ebay, the eggs arrived the seller shipped 12 out of the 12,2 had microscopic cracks from being old and were leaking so I tossed them let the eggs settle for a few days then popped them into the bator well when it was time to candle 3 were unfertilized...
  9. CherishHolland

    Question about Blu Kote

    I have a NN that has been stripped of skin on her neck so I cleansed it applied neo and put some blu kote on her she is doing ok so this is why this isn't in the emergencies section. So the blu kote I have isn't the spray it is the kind with the dauber, while putting it on her neck it dripped...
  10. CherishHolland

    I am not sure what is going on a little help please

    I have a 3.5 month old sultan who was just fine last night when she was put in the coop,when I went to let them out this morning everyone came out but her she remained on the roosting bar. I went back out about an hour later to bring them their breakfast and she was still in the coop so I picked...
  11. CherishHolland

    Help,I have a tiptoeing chicken

    I have a phoenix pullet that is 3 months old and just recently she started tiptoe walking,from researching on here and other forums I read she might have a vitamin deficiency, I started her on some poly-vi-sol and yogurt. Is this a good route to take? She walks on her tiptoes using her wings as...
  12. CherishHolland

    I was wondering what everyone's nicknames are

    My late mother nick named me Cherish Pooh when I was about 3 years old and it has stuck my father still calls me Cherish Pooh and my kids call me mama pooh,interesting huh imagine walking through a store and your 5 year old calls out MAMA POOH as loud as he can...............yeah I turned about...
  13. CherishHolland

    I am wanting to turn this into a coop any ideas

    My children have outgrown their plastic playhouse so I am thinking I can turn it into a coop for my 3 bantam silkies and my blue polish bantam who was injured and is comfortable being with the silkies and has been separated from her original flock for 2.5 weeks This is what the playhouse looks...
  14. CherishHolland

    Wry Neck or neuro injury,or both?

    I have a blue polish that was attacked by my blue Cochin. The Cochin pecked Dottie several times on her head and then had her pinned to the ground by her neck. Dottie's poor head started to swivel around after the attack this was on Wednesday. I started treatment for wry neck since she seems...
  15. CherishHolland

    Can chickens eat Crenshaw Melon?

    I bought a couple of Crenshaw melons and I am wondering if chickens can eat it,I know they can eat watermelon cantaloupe and honey dew,but what about crenshaw melon?
  16. CherishHolland


    Can I worm while I am treating for cocci,or should I wait until the treatment course is over?
  17. CherishHolland

    What I have done today........

    I was perusing cl a couple weeks ago and came across an ad that read chickens and coop $150 bucks I looked at the pictures and it was of 4 chickens in this little wooden box wrapped in chicken wire and that is what they were calling a coop. I emailed and said I feel so sorry that you have...
  18. CherishHolland

    Just a quick question

    I have 4 Ameracana eggs due to hatch sometime Sunday-Wednesday well I had another half dozen in another incubator that were set 2 days after the Ameracana eggs,all was going well until the second bator's heating element went out and I had to move the eggs to the other bator . My question is the...
  19. CherishHolland

    Help me sex my two Dominiques please

    I just purchased a couple of Dominiques and am wondering if I wasn't sold a roo and a pullet,they were both sold as pullets. They are about 3.5 months old Rosie and Posie together Rosie and this is Posie Thanks for helping me!
  20. CherishHolland

    This weekend has been one I wish to not repeat

    So my husband left for Utah Friday morning all is well Friday rather uneventful. Saturday comes along and all is going well,took the kids to the feed store to pick up our weekly order of feed. Saturday afternoon it seemed like it was looking good kids were excited about going to play muddy...
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