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  1. Georgia Chickens

    Rubber egg shell was hanging out of rear?

    Possible deformed egg broke inside, right @exit point? Found 15 min ago, roaming yard w/other chickens. Was Shooing bk into pen & noticed her rear. She did/does not seem stressed, in pain, as if anything wrong. Hubby pulled empty, deformed, rubber type egg out of bottom. Hubby squeezed bottom...
  2. Georgia Chickens

    Egg laying without a shell?

    My wife sent me This test message and photo to post here for inputs. This is what I just found Roxy red laying in. It was at her backside like she'd have blowout. Look like it was part of an egg in it. Rose and Gale was in box. And she was waiting to one of them to get out. Rose is out and she's...
  3. Georgia Chickens

    Update: in Regards to Nugget's Respiratory Ailment

    Wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all who advised me on what to do w/Nugget & her respiratory ailment. Regretfully, she passed this morning, in a violent rage to catch her breath, which she was unable to do. I am very upset w/my hubby, w/GOD, & w/myself, for being so self-absorbed & selfish. I...
  4. Georgia Chickens

    Need help finding Poultry VET in SE Georgia(Kingsland)-NE Florida (Jacksonville, Florida)

    Help! Have 8 mth old chicken gasping & wheezing. She's acting pretty normal, running around, pecking/scratching, eating, drinking, but has this gasping/wheezing, that I'm sure is affecting her sleep/rest. Have cleaned coop, layer of DE & Sweet PDZ, topped w/play sand & 2 bales of hay in 6'X 8'X...
  5. Georgia Chickens

    HELP! 9 week old chickens swallowed piece of poly string!

    HELP, PLZ! Have 5 (9 wk) chickens. Had limb/stick tied up w/skinny piece of poly rope, not thinking they could get it off. When I took them out this morn, & came bk to clean pen, noticed stick down & string gone. I know NOTHING about chickens!! Had them little over a month. I don't know of what...
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