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  1. ChookieChicken

    Sleepy unwell chicken - please help!

    MIDNA is a 22 week old silver laced barnevelder She hasn't started laying eggs yet The last two days she's been a little extra sleepy, is gravitating to corners and darker spaces, and is refusing to eat her favourite foods. Her poop is normal, and her crop is emptying normally. I'm very...
  2. ChookieChicken

    Droopy and depressed with watery poop - please help!

    1) Nutmeg is an 8-10 month old Hyline Brown chicken. She was always the heaviest of the flock, but now she feels very light. Her keel bone is sticking out more than it used to. 2) What is the behavior, exactly. (Nutmeg is very depressed, slow and droopy lately. Her comb has shrunk...
  3. ChookieChicken

    Barnevelder pullet or roo?

    Hiya, me again. Midna, my little barnie, had just turned 7 weeks. Unsure of sex still, thinking of doing a DNA test. Any ideas before I get the test? Hoping she's a pullet, so I can keep her once we move :(
  4. ChookieChicken

    My friend, Chookie.

    3 years ago I got a call from a friend to pick up a stray chicken who was unclaimed and soon to be euthanized by the vet. While I was watching the video of this mystery chicken, I just knew there was something special about her. My mum and I drove 40 minutes each way to pick her up. When I...
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