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  1. JuNK GyPSY

    Wanted Bantam Olive Egger hatching eggs 6+

    Looking for some nice bantam OE's starting a bantam flock b/c I can have more of them in my small urban yard it's all about the chicken math lol.. Please send me a PM if you can help me :) Thanks
  2. JuNK GyPSY

    Can eggs touch in the incubator?

    I am getting ready to set some eggs in a couple of weeks and want to get as many as I can in my new Brinsea mini. I want to hatch as many a possible and was wondering if it's ok for the eggs to touch. It seems to me it would be because under the hen they would be but I want to make sure this...
  3. JuNK GyPSY

    Help choosing a hygrometer

    I am ordering a Mini Brinsea advanced and want to get a hygrometer too, can you tell me if this one will fit in the vents holes it say's it works on the Little Giant & Hova-Bator incubators but will it work on the Brinsea?
  4. JuNK GyPSY

    Coccidosis help

    I 99.9% I have coccidosis I have lost one 6 week old chick and 2 other look pretty bad . I can't get Corid local I have to ordered it and it will be here on Wednesday,I found some meds called Duramyc-i10 will this help at all till I can get the Corid. Is there any thing else I can do to help...
  5. JuNK GyPSY

    Howdy From Sunny Florida

    I have been trolling here about a week or so I thought I might join in,I'm not new to chickens but it's been awhile since I have had them 10 years to be exact when we sold our farm and moved south the chicken did not fly with us Lol... I could not stand not having farm fresh eggs one more...
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