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  1. branston

    wobbly hen?

    I have a Barred Rock hen, just over a year old that was happy & thriving up until 4 days ago and then I noticed she was just sitting in the grass all day. I brought her into the house but there has been no improvement atall. It can't be parasites, internal or external as I have just recently...
  2. branston

    funny breathing?

    I noticed my tom turkey seems to be struggling to inhale??? Any ideas?? He seems fine in himself, eyes and nostril clear etc. Also what is the dosage of safeguard for worming turkeys? Anyone use Ivermectin pour on for mite control? If so, what dose is that also? many thanks
  3. branston

    identification of parasites

    Anyone out there got a parasite identification reference chart? Just got myself a decent microscope off craigslist and want to be able to run my own fecal samples. I have ordered books but have to wait for them to arrive
  4. branston


    Forgot to mention on my last post that the fecal also showed some coccidea. What do you guys treat with?
  5. branston

    WARNING: Capillary worms

    I lost three chickens to a disease that left them with no appetite and wheezing. In a matter of days, all three were dead. I finally found a vet that would run a fecal on chickens and it turns out mine have Capillary worms! It's a crop worm. The vet told me to treat with Safeguard (any other...
  6. branston


    While cleaning my turkey coop this morning I noticed what looked like worms (2 of them), kinda like dried cooked spaghetti. I have two turkeys that are housed separately from my 40 chickens. I've had the turkeys one for three weeks and the other for two. Took a fecal to my dog vet but he said...
  7. branston

    worms?? and how to treat?

    I rescued a tom turkey 3 weeks ago and then went on to get him a mate. While cleaning the turkey house this morning, I saw what I think is tape worm (like strands of dried speghetti)? At least two. Got the two worms and the poop to take in for a fecal this morning but my vet doesn't do...
  8. branston

    Rescued a turkey and need help

    I rescued a Bourbon Red tom turkey a few days ago and really don't know much about keeping turkeys. I have 40 chickens that he seems to like but I lock him up in seperate housing at night. He's absolutely adorable! Very friendly and we are hoping to find him a girlfriend asap as he seems like...
  9. branston

    7 month old hen stopped eating

    One of my 7 month old Ameraucana mix hens isn't eating enough. I've been watching her over the last 2 weeks and she seems to just eat enough to survive? I brought her in the house 3 days ago because her wings were drooping and she was just standing there. I put electrolytes in her water one...
  10. branston

    Gold Sexlinks/Red Stars

    Pick up 2 Golden SexLink chicks this morning, very cute indeed! I have Red Stars on order for next week but when I looked on the internet, both breeds look the same.......are they?
  11. branston

    Black Jersey Giants

    I have a flock of 26, all various breeds and I'm interested in getting some Jersey Giants. Are these good as pet chickens? What color eggs do they lay? Will they be ok with my flock of Orps, Brahama's, Cochins, Barred Rocks, Black Sexlinks, Red Stars, Ameraucanas and RIRs?
  12. branston

    anyone got the manuel......

    Been a member here for a while now as we have chickens but I'm about to buy baby goats and needed a milk pasteurizer. Found one minus the manuel. It's a Farm Master Pasteurizer. I know we have a lot of farm folk on here so wandered if any one could send me a copy of the manuel? Many thanks
  13. branston


    I've been thinking about this a lot lately because my rooster has been sick. I've been waking up in the middle of the night worrying myself sick "if he doesn't get better, how am I going to cull him?" I'm a huge animal lover and while I wouldn't want any animal to suffer, I really don't think...
  14. branston

    Rooster update

    For those top rooster started wheezing last Friday. Isolated him immediately. He was bright eyed, no discharge, eating and drinking, just this terrible wheeze. I put electrolytes and vits in his water, rubbed VetRX on his comb and wattles, put Sulmet (antibiotic) in his...
  15. branston

    Gape worm

    Anyone ever had gapeworm in their chickens? If so, what symptoms did you see, how did you treat and with what? I can only get Wazine in my feed store
  16. branston

    is it my pc??

    Not sure if it's my computer or the new updated forum but it seems incredibly slow and takes forever to either post or get on a new subject?? Not many seem to be answering questions these days? I posted a question yesterday and still have no replies. Before, you'd get a lot on replies. I...
  17. branston

    Rooster wheezing?? Help!!

    I have 30 free ranging chickens, two of which are roos. This morning I let them out of the coop and heard the top roo wheezing (it was loud, couldn't mistake it for anything else). The two roos then had a scuffle and the top roo ran which is really unusual as the other roo is normally the one...
  18. branston

    Herbal wormers

    Anyone tried the Hoegger's Herbal Chicken wormer? I've just ordered some to give it a try. My chickens are 9 months old and less and I've never wormed them. They free range.
  19. branston

    Anyone keeping goats with chickens?

    I have 29 free ranging chickens and will soon be getting 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats. Our goat house is right behind our coop. Some say you shouldn't keep goats with chickens? Not sure why? I also heard that chicken feed is toxic to goats?? Is that the medicated chick feed they're talking about...
  20. branston

    hen getting attacked

    I rescued a very sick, neglected hen 4 weeks ago (will post before and after shots soon). She was supposedly in a hard molt but it's hard to believe as she was in such a terrible state health wise. She's apparently 2 years old but weighed less than my 4 month olds. They said she had been hit...
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