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  1. goldnchocolate

    New Member in Boston Suburbs

    Hello and welcome from south central Massachusetts!!
  2. goldnchocolate

    Introducing new chicks

    Hi A couple of years ago I hatched several batches of chicks, one batch a week for 4 weeks. I found that 2 weeks, in age difference, seemed to be the limit of putting the littles with the bigger chicks. Once the younger chicks had a chance to get established (maybe a week) then they were able...
  3. goldnchocolate

    They are all here!!! (Pics)

    Congratulations on your first chicks and ducklings!! It can be very addictive!!
  4. goldnchocolate

    Help! Babysitting a Rooster - Yes or No?

    You should keep him separate because you don't know what types of issues he will be bringing with him. I took a couple of free silkie roos that I saw on Craigslist and was stupid enough to introduce them to my flock on the first day. Low and behold....they had a BAD case of leg mites, which I...
  5. goldnchocolate

    chickens are hard work

    I think that you can also put them on a timer rather than using a sensor. I have a few hens that wait until the last possible moment to go in and they would probably get caught outside the door if it closed at dusk.
  6. goldnchocolate

    Grass/Dirt clumps in the brooder?

    If you have access to a child's sandbox you can use sand for grit. If you are worried about it being unsterile just bake it in your oven for 10 minutes or so.
  7. goldnchocolate

    Toy's for Chicks?

    I made a swing, for my chicks, out of a branch and clothesline tied at both ends and hung from the rafters. They loved it!
  8. goldnchocolate

    Shrink Bags

    They have a wonderful picture tutorial on how to shrink wrap the birds.
  9. goldnchocolate

    heat lamp on 24 hrs looks like they fell asleep while reading the newspaper!! Home Depot carries 100 wt 'landscaping' bulbs that are red but are w-a-y cooler and less expensive than the 250 wt heat bulbs.
  10. goldnchocolate

    life span of chicken

    My oldest hen was a buff orp named Fat Blondie. She passed away just weeks before she turned 11 yrs old.
  11. goldnchocolate

    Overrun by roos...

    That happened to me, a couple of years ago. I hatched an incubator filled with eggs and it was so much fun that I did it again....and again....and again . Long story short, I ended up with more than 30 cockerels . I bought some killing cones, a sharp knife and learned to do the deed, myself. It...
  12. goldnchocolate

    Chicken Math Strikes Again

    All I can say is... Don't... Ever.... Buy.... Yourself ....Incubator !!!!! My name is Cathy and I am a chicken addict!
  13. goldnchocolate

    Wyandotte Contest! *WINNERS POSTED!*

    Wow! Such an honor . I am just now seeing that the results were posted last week. Chickens are AWESOME!!!
  14. goldnchocolate

    Free Ranging Silkies

    I have a little white silkie roo and he free ranges with all of the other chickens. They have a large area to range with lots of cover to hide under if necessary. So far, so good. He isn't a show chicken so he doesn't have any bangs to cut....the feathers on top of his head all go backward.
  15. goldnchocolate

    I'm a newbie-- help!

    Do you have any storm door screens that you could use for the top? I've also used those white wire shelving that people use in their closets. I happened to have some extra sections hanging around and they worked out perfectly and were nice and strong (to keep cats out). If you zip-tie a couple...
  16. goldnchocolate

    I am such a chicken!

    Generally they will stay close to the door that they came out of while they familiarize themselves to the area. They are even MORE chicken than you are....haha! As long as they know where the door is they will find their way back. You could help them out by putting a feeder or waterer near the...
  17. goldnchocolate

    Black Orpington: Pullet or Rooster ???!!

    Me too. She has a feminine look to her face but you'll know for sure pretty soon
  18. goldnchocolate

    New Chicks

  19. goldnchocolate

    My Aracauna Hen is Adopting!

    Are you going to sneak them under your hen? A friend of mine has a silkie hen that hatched 2 chicks plus my friend snuck a couple more under her at night. She is doing well with all four chicks.
  20. goldnchocolate

    feeding hard-boiled eggs

    They love scrambled eggs, too!
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