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  1. leight54

    Need worming advice for tiny flock

    Posting under "Managing Your Flock", even though my "flock" consists of only 2 lovely ladies. My question is about worms and dewormer. I suspect they have worms because they seem to be thinner than they were, but it's hard to tell be cause they seem to be in a constant state of molting! They...
  2. leight54

    Warning! Do not use cocoa hulls!

    Sad story: My daughter's neighbors used cocoa hull mulch in their landscaping. My daughter's ducks strayed over there, and apparently helped themselves. Now, after suffering tremors and seizures, they are ALL dead. 13 of them, that she'd raised from babies, and knew by name. PLEASE spread...
  3. leight54

    Anyone in Southwest New Hampshire want some free hens?

    ALL ads must be in Buy Sell Trade only.
  4. leight54

    Egg with no shell, no membrane

    One of my two hens laid an egg yesterday with no shell and no membrane. I'm pretty sure it was Darla, who just got over being broody for a month. Is this normal? I get shell-less eggs from time to time, but never had one without a membrane.
  5. leight54

    Will she come out of broodiness this way? and when?

    Is it possible for a hen to be "mildly broody"? One of my two hens has been broody for about 3 1/2 weeks. She was staying in the nestbox (no eggs) most of the time, so I took it out. (The other hen doesn't use it.) Now she just hunkers down in the pine shavings. She would stay there all day...
  6. leight54

    Please Don't Eat the Daisies

    In planning my gardens this year, I want to grow things that serve double-duty. I'm wondering what flowers chickens are fond of. (To eat, I mean, not to look at ) I've read that they like marigolds, but what else? I won't let them help themselves, I know that would spell disaster for the...
  7. leight54

    Broody hen, no eggs, first-time chicken owner, lots of questions!

    I have two hens, Darla and Nettie. Darla has gone broody, even though she has no eggs! I was out of town for 10 days. I had a pet sitter come in in the mornings and feed the girls and let them out, and my non-chicken-guy husband closed them in at night, after they went to roost. Well, I got...
  8. leight54

    Regular schedule for egg-laying?

    My 2 hens are both laying now! YAY! (One started a month ago, the other about a week ago.)Their cycle seems to be about a day-and-a-half. So they lay 1st day early morning, 2nd day late afternoon, 3rd day not at all, then repeat. I'm wondering if they'll eventually start laying every day...
  9. leight54

    Is she trying to lay her first egg?

    My Ameraucana (possible EE, I guess) is almost 9 months old, and hasn't started laying yet. But she's doing the stampy-stampy-squat, and her face is getting red. Lately she's been spending time in the nest box. Not really broody, though. Just hunkered down, casually rearranging the bits of...
  10. leight54

    Vinegar in their water - are they still drinking enough?

    I give my chickens fresh water every day, and they usually start drinking even as I'm pouring. But since I started adding vinegar (Bragg's organic) to their water, they don't seem as interested. I'm not sure they're drinking enough, now. How concerned should I be? Is there another way to get...
  11. leight54

    Surprising egg yolks !

    I had a couple of weird eggs from my hen, "Nettie', this past week. They were frozen and cracked, so I let then thaw and kept them refrigerated for a couple days before I used them. When I cracked them into the frying pan for scrambling, the yolks were hard and stayed ball-shaped! I poked at...
  12. leight54

    How to get your hen to lay her first egg: give up waiting!

    I had resigned myself to the fact that my two hens, age 8 months, were just not going to lay until Spring. Figured the days were too short at this point. I was away for the holidays, and imagine my surprise when I got a text from my pet sitter that there was a lovely brown egg on New Year's...
  13. leight54

    Thanksgiving treats!

    Ok, who out there is giving their chickens a SPECIAL Thanksgiving treat today???? Mine got chopped apple, cranberries and wheatgerm.
  14. leight54

    Hens waiting until spring to lay?

    My 2 hens are about 5 months old. They haven't started laying yet, and I'm thinking at this point, it'll be spring before they start. I think the days are getting too short. I do not plan to add artificial light, I like to let nature take its course, and I'm all right with waiting. Wouldn't...
  15. leight54

    Coop door latch - what can I use?

    I'm having trouble coming up with an adequate latch for my coop's human door. It's a wood converted playhouse, and the door is mounted on the outside, so that it's not flush with the doorjamb. It sticks out about 1 3/4 inches. Plus the door - there are upper and lower windows in it - and the...
  16. leight54

    Dust bathing in DE and/or wood ash

    The thought of mites, lice or any other creepy crawlies on my girls is not a pleasant one . So I'm planning to do a pre-emptive strike and offer an occasional dust bath of DE or wood ash - or both. I have read here that many of you do this. My question is: Is it better to offer it in a box or...
  17. leight54

    Yet another nest box question.....

    What is the recommended height of the entrance to the nest box? I'm planning to mount my nest box on the wall, under an existing shelf. The shelf will actually become the poop board for a roost, but extends far enough out to act as a "roof" to the nest box. I want to mount the box as close...
  18. leight54

    Ramp width?

    My pop door will be about 14 1/2 inches wide, and has to be in the floor of the coop. Is 6 inches wide enough for the ramp? (I happen to have some 1 x 6's on hand.)
  19. leight54

    Plastic vs Metal?

    I can't decide if I should get a plastic feeder and waterer, or metal. I only need smallish ones, since I only have 2 hens (Chicken math is not a danger, these are "secret" chickens, and I don't want to press my luck! ) What are some pros and cons of each? I think I'll be hanging them in...
  20. leight54

    Nighttime temps

    My chicks are 5 weeks old now, and I'd like to get them into the coop within a couple weeks. I'm going on a trip in about 3 weeks, will be gone for 2 weeks or more. I will have someone coming in twice a day to check on them (and the cat). So my question is, at 7 weeks old, what is the lowest...
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