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    I thought it was a hawk picking off my babies but yesterday I caught the little devil attacking one of my silkies! I have locked up all the chickens and set traps around the run. Where theres one is there more? If I get it is it safe to let them out? Is there anyway to prevent this from...
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    Domestic rabbit or wild?

    Can a domestic rabbit breed with a wild rabbit? If so can they get pregnant by more than one suitor? My domestic white rabbit gave birth to nine babies a little over 2 weeks ago (5 survived). She runs free on our school campus and broke into another rabbits cage. All of the babies are either...
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    I recently received my first goose and OMG!!! They are amazing. Totally different from chickens or ducks. That being said…can anyone tell me how to pronounce Sebastopol?
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    7 week old black cochin frizzle. Any ideas on whether or not it's a rooster?
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    Do they know?

    I have been observing my new chicks (7 days old) and it seems to me like they are segregating them selves by color as well as breed. Plus there seems to be one in particular that is "eyeballing" the top of the brooder as if to be figuring a way out. It is also the same one that comes running...
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    WHAT is this rabbit doing

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    Rabbit Cage

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    Aggressive Rooster

    I have a rooster that I have raised by hand since the time he popped out of the egg. He just discovered he was a "rooster" about two months ago and has terrorized the hens to the point that they hide under the roost and haven't come out of the coop in over a month and he's tried to peck me a few...
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    Really weird rabbit (pics)

    I have a typical white rabbit, "Dirty" Dianna, that lives at the school were I work. She kept escaping from her cage this past summer and I finally through up my hands and let her run free. She hangs out with our chickens and loves playing with the children during recess. Weird I know but true...
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    Is my chicken molting or is there something wrong with her? Her legs are not normally this scaly looking. Usually she has a nice pink comb and she's a beautiful chestnut color. She's eating, drinking and acting like herself.
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    What the heck is this?!!!

    So my 6 month old americana hen has finally started to attempt to lay eggs. Her first was soft shelled then the next two were the size of a Robin's egg. Below is her latest. Should I be worried?
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    Silkie/Buff Orpington

    These are the three chicks we got when our Silkies hen and Buff Orpington Rooster got together. Two look like twins and resemble the parents the third is completely different looking nothing like either of them. Honestly I never thought it could happen. Any guesses hen or rooster?
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    This is what happens when a silkie and buff orpington mate! Any ideas on gender? It is 8 weeks old.
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    What do they really need?

    So I am getting really tired of the way the "store bought food" makes my chickens poop and frankly them smell. During the summer I've noticed a huge difference and I'm sure it's because they are free rangeing all day and getting what nature intended. However, if you can avoid
  15. chickschool

    Green Feet?

    What's up with this? Mother is a silkie, dad is a buff orpington.
  16. chickschool

    How to understand sounds and body language

    Does anyone know of a website that will explain what some of the noises, body language or behaviors indicate?
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    Can you make a hen STOP laying?

    My hen has a fractured femur and it looks like she's very uncomfortable each time she lays an egg. I'm trying to make her as comfortable as possible while she heals and was wondering if there is anything I can do to get her to stop laying. I'm sure that it is painful considering where the break...
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