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    Is this scaly leg mites? need help

    So I got two new chickens last weekend and both act normal but the rooster looks like he has raised scales. He has just a tiny bit of feathering (i think) on one leg so maybe it's just from where he used to have feathers but he plucked them out idk. If he does have scaly leg mites then I...
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    Can I keep a pullet alone for a few weeks?

    I didn't know where to put this, and sorry if it's been answered already, but can I keep a 2 month old pullet temporarily alone for 3-4 weeks?
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    Is this bantam chick a boy or girl? (pics added)

    Okay, so 2 bantam chicks (idk the breed) are now five & a half weeks old, & one is a definite rooster, the other is the complete opposite & has henny features, but has a huge comb to be a pullet. The boy has a large comb, better barring, pointyer tail feathers, long, bright yellow legs, & is...
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    How to make hen saddle that protects shoulders

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find the answer to my specific question. My frizzle hen is small compared to my RIR rooster and is starting to lose feathers, and I need to know how to make a cheap and easy saddle that will protect her shoulders, as that's where the most...
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    3 year old hen shivering and barely standing. Please help

    My 2-3 yr. old hen was fine this morning when I let them out, but now she's holding her legs far apart, shaking, & every now and then looking like she'll fall over backwards. It's a cold, rainy day today but nothing they've never been fine with. I think she might be eggbound. What do I do? Just...
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    Need info on duck feed and housing...

    Okay, so I'm once again looking into ducks. Right now I feed my chickens starter/grower feed with oyster shell on the side, and it's worked great. Can I feed ducks the same thing? I plan on keeping them in a pen next to the chicken pen to start and then letting them free range with my chickens...
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    What would I get out of these crosses? (pics)

    Okay, so I am going to be breeding for some chicks this spring, but since I'm tight on space I can only hatch out a few. So which of these do you think would be the most interesting mutt, and what colors would I get? They would all be crossed to this RIR roo(understand that I'm not wanting...
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    Does this hen need a saddle, and can I make one myself? (pics)

    Okay, so before my hens molted, I had a rooster and three hens, only one of them showing signs of rooster damage, and even then it wasn't much. During the molt I noticed that the roosters favorite hen showed signs of it, as her feathers around her back were ratty and she was missing some, but I...
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    Molting question? I don't think my hen will molt.

    Okay, so a couple weeks ago my chickens went through what I figured was molt. None of them molted hard, but egg production slowed down and everyone got new feathers except for my BO hen. Up until a few days ago I had a RIR rooster, 2 RIR hens, and the buff. The buff was his favorite, so when...
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    Can I eat eggs from hens that have eaten medicated chick feed?

    Okay, so I've been giving my hens starter/grower feed along with oyster grit, and it's worked great. Yesterday we accidentely got the wrong bag of feed, and it's medicated starter/grower. It says the active drug ingredient is bacitracin methylene disalicylate. I have no idea what that means. Can...
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    Which gender would be better with chickens?

    I've been thinking about getting some guineas to go with my chickens and I've been told that it should be fine it's just that you need to watch for aggression from the guineas during mating season. Assuming that if I had all females or all male guineas, it wouldn't be as bad because they...
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    Molting question?

    Well, I have four adult birds, three of them that I clipped their wings when they were younger. I've heard that when you clip their wings that they have trouble molting, and that you need to remove the feathers sometimes. How do you do that? And when do you know to do it? The hens have started...
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    BO pullet won't open her eyes there's not much time left please help.

    Well my neighbor's 14 week old BO pullet hasn't opened her eyes in a couple of days, rarely doing it when she needs to go to the coop. Well I found her sitting with her head tucked into her wing sitting on the coop floor this afternoon, her eyes shut with a little bit of gook in them. My...
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    Guineas and chickens?

    I've heard guineas are good at sounding the alarm, sometimes even mobbing smaller predators. I've also heard that male guineas will attack roosters. Will guinea hens do this? Would it be okay to keep a couple of guinea hens in with my chicken flock, or would they need more of their own kind...
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    Geese and ducks?

    Okay, so I've heard that geese are protective and will fight off predators, so I was thinking of keeping one or two in with my chickens and hopefully soon-to-be ducks. Would they get along okay? I would probably let the chickens have their own pen and give the ducks and geese a pen to share. Are...
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    Are butterfly bushes poisonious to chickens?

    Sorry, not sure where to put this. I'm planning on planting a couple of these in my chicken run and wanted to know if these were toxic to chickens. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, this a butterfly bush...
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    What do you feed ducks?

    Okay, I have a few questions regarding this topic so bare with me. 1) What feed do you give few day old ducklings? 2) What feed do you give older ducklings? 3) What do you feed adults? 4) Do ducks that lay year round need layer feed, and do ducks that have a season but are laying currently need...
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    Will chickens eat airsoft bbs?

    I'm sure we have them scattered around the yard and since our chickens free range I was wondering if I should be concerned? Thanks!
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    Feeding chicks and adults together?

    Well my chicks are getting old enough to be put with the adult birds, but the chicks can't have layers feed, as they're only around 12 weeks. I've heard that you can give your whole flock grower feed with oyster grit free choice, and the layers will get the calcium they need from the oyster...
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    Muscovies banned?

    I was reading a thread in the stickies index and it was confusing but it looked like muscovies were banned from being given away or kept as pets. Does this mean I can't have muscovies? Or did I just read it wrong? Thanks!
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