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  1. ginger c.

    3 roosters need a new home

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  2. ginger c.

    Tammy's broody again how do we stop it?

    so our chicken Tammy has got that "I want to be a momma" feeling again. How do we convince her otherwise? Is there something we can do to get her over this? Thanks in advance!
  3. ginger c.

    chicks are hatching and maybe missing help!!!

    ok, the eggs we put under our broody hen are starting to hatch. We saw one empty shell under the mama's breast, but no chick. Is it possible she or one of the other hens ate her baby? Or are mama hens just really good at hiding them? i know we must seem really stupid but this is our first time...
  4. ginger c.

    Buff Orp?

    We got this baby a couple of weeks ago (4/18). We were told she is a buff orpington. She looks mostly white with some yellow tint on her neck and head. Is that what buff chicks look like? Or is she something else?
  5. ginger c.

    need help for a broody hen

    so our sweet Tammy has decided she wants to be a mama, we have a friend bringing us 6 eggs for her to sit on. do we need to move her to a separate inclosure? our nesting boxes are up kinda high and if this works and she hatches chicks we don't want them to fall. this may be a dumb question do we...
  6. ginger c.

    Tammy's on strike! HELP!!

    ok, so here's the scoop our precious Tammy hasn't laid an egg in almost 2 months. what the heck? we thought she was starting to molt several weeks back, she had some bald patches on her neck. no one was picking at her, she's still eatng, drinking and playing. just no eggs.her feathers have grown...
  7. ginger c.

    sad day, rehoming our silkie roos

    so tomorrow will be a very sad day we're re-homing our 2 roos, piper and lou. we tried to keep them but they have decided they would rater fight than be friends. a friend with a farm has agreed to take them, she has lots more room and lots more girls for our boys to try and romance. DH is really...
  8. ginger c.

    what's wrong with our silky?????

    hey y'all, this is Louise she's 23 1/2 weeks old, and she just doesn't look like any of the silkies we've seen on here. shouldn't her head be fuzzier? and is she a she? her wattle looks pretty big, but she's not crowing, she's also not laying any eggs. her brooder mate, Piper, did turn out to be...
  9. ginger c.

    Crazy Egg!!! What's going on?

    These two eggs came from the same chicken. The egg on the left came yesterday. The one on the right today. Is there something wrong with this egg? or do some just come out funny looking? Can we eat this egg? Do we need to get her something specific like Vitamin B146? Thanks in advance, GC's DH
  10. ginger c.

    Black spots on comb tips?

    Ok, we have several chicken issues all at once (the broke beak thread). A few days ago I noticed my chicken's comb getting black at the tips. I know a chicken can get frostbite, but we live in Alabama. It hasn't dropped below freezing yet. You can see the discoloration in the pic below. Is this...
  11. ginger c.

    Broken beak question

    Somehow our little rooster (about 24 weeks old) broke off the very tip of his beak. You can see the damage below. The white at the tip of his beak is his lower beak. The line going acress the middle is actually a bit of grass or straw. Is this injury common? Will it heal or grow back? He's...
  12. ginger c.

    help! chicken fights and jealosy???

    We're posting this here because it is more a behavior issue (we think) than injury. Our 24-week-old RIR (Ruby) has been the top hen in our flock for a while. Our rooster has gotten up on everyone except her. Today, our EE pullet Tillie started attacking Ruby. It looks like Tillie is grabbing...
  13. ginger c.

    Lying Hens

    I'm wondering if this is normal (or if anyone else has this issue). It looks like we have 5 pullets and 1 roo. One of our pullets started laying last week. The other four haven't laid an egg yet. Despite that... at least 1 hen has taken to singing the egg song. I get all eggcited, rush out...
  14. ginger c.

    Fussy Chicken, Help!?!

    hi all! our BR mix, Tammy has been REALLY fussy for the past 4 or 5 days, is she about to start laying or could something be wrong? she's been very vocal, from sun up until bed time, much more so than our other girls. she's 23 wks old, give or take a few days. if you touch her back she does...
  15. ginger c.

    integration . . . new questions

    I took the advice for a while. I put the two silkies in the run with the four fat girls this morning. When the big girls got after the banties I just let them go. It seems they would peck then lose interest, go eat... get a drink... then start looking for a fight again. After a while, they...
  16. ginger c.

    let's try this again... any idea on the sex of these two???

    Ok... We got these straight run. Any idea what their colors are? Is the light one a blue splash? The other black? Also, do y'all think we have a bearded lady? We think the dark one is a roo... or do non-bearded pullets have waddles? The bearded one has almost no waddles, but we just can't...
  17. ginger c.

    integration just not happening

    so, here's the poop, we have 4 standard girls that are 20 wks and 2 silkies that are 16 wks. the big girls really seem to hate the little peepers. we're so afraid they're going to kill them. we haven't tried to put them in the coop together because of their behavior when they're all outside...
  18. ginger c.

    cramming into one nesting box

    hi all! we have 4 standard chickens and they are all right at 20 weeks, no eggs yet, in the evenings when we put them to bed they insist on cramming themselves into one nesting box. there are three boxes and also roosts in the coop. should we try to stop them from sleeping in the nesting box...
  19. ginger c.

    question about weird honking noise?

    one of our EE's, Emma Jean, keeps honking like a goose, is this normal? if so any idea why she's doing this?
  20. ginger c.

    the girls 1st night in the coop!

    wow, 4 down and 2 to go! we moved our 4 "big" girls out to the coop tonight! seems to be ok so far, they weren't too happy at first . wonder if this is what parents of human kids feel like on the first day of school ? we'll let y'all know how many times we run out to check on them through out...
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