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  1. Spires6

    The war continues.

    Well I killed a few raccoons several weeks ago after they decimated my flock. We made our coop more secure and have had no problems for several weeks. I have a few sumatras that are escape artists and refuse to roost in the coop. There is a very small space they can escape from in the run. I...
  2. Spires6

    Finally caught one of the little killers!

    Have been setting the live trap in our barn and baiting it with canned catfood all week with no results until last night. Went and checked around 1130PM and found the long haired yellow kitty I've been seeing around. I let her go and did not rebait the trap as I was tired. I wasn't even careful...
  3. Spires6

    Posting photos to my page

    I know there have been a million questions about this. I have been trying to put pictures on my page for several years without success. I have no trouble uploading photos to the site and posting photos in messages but can't post any photos on my page. Was never able to post a photo as an avatar...
  4. Spires6

    Buckeye Chickens

    Does anyone breed or keep Buckeyes? If so can you post pictures and tell me a little about them?
  5. Spires6

    WTB Buckeye chicks

    I am looking for Buckeye chicks. Would prefer an central Ohio breeder so I can pick up the chicks. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  6. Spires6

    New Chickies: Can anyone help with a guess on the breed?

    Went to a hatchery the other day to pick up some started red comet pullets and they were having a sale on brown egg laying pullet chicks. Of course I couldn't resist. There was a large list of what breeds were in the bin but they were picked over and the lady was no longer sure what was left as...
  7. Spires6

    Not new but retuning after a long absence

    Hi. I haven't been on here much in the past 2 years due to being too busy but am now back. Glad to see everyone still here.
  8. Spires6

    Advice needed for Raccoon problem

    I have kept chickens on and off for 20 years on the same farm. For the past 3 years I have had a terrible time with raccoons. For the 3rd year in a row, they have wiped out most of my flock in 1 week. Each year as it happened I found ways to secure the coop and rid myself of the pesky critters...
  9. Spires6

    Continuing saga of man vs, raccoon Part 2

    Well, I am very happy to say that after losing most of my laying flock, and various chicks, ducks and turkeys, I finally solved my raccoon problem, at least I think. Now my problem is that my younger chickens want to roost in a big old stand of pines and not in the coop, so I have lost several...
  10. Spires6

    Another bad week on the farm

    Well so far this week, we have lost 3 ducklings, a blue slate turkey poult, and my son's bronze turkey hen that took reserve grand champion over all of the breeding poultry at the fair last year allto raccoons. Our GS dog decided to take out a Wyandotte chick and a guinea got hit by a car. Not...
  11. Spires6

    Continuing saga of man vs, raccoon

    Yesterday after finding the third dead chicken in our coop since Saturday, we nailed boards up over the spaces under the eaves of our coop (the only way in with the door shut.) My oldest son decided to sleep in the camper and ambush the killers with his 22. Then his friend decided to stay over...
  12. Spires6

    Building a coop in an existing barn

    I want to build a coop in side an existing 100+ year old barn. I want to build it lengthwise along one side so that my husband can continue to park farm equipment in the center. Anyone have any ideas or pictures of that type of coop they would like to share?
  13. Spires6

    My Cat is innocent!

    Well, my husband and I suspected our barn kitty, Gemma, of possibly killing chickens. She kept going in the coop at night and we would find her eating dead chickens in the morning. So I locked her up in a pet carrier in the barn last night and went to bed sad wondering what to do with the little...
  14. Spires6

    Killer cat

    We are having a sad spring. We have lost more than 20 chickens to predators. We have electric webbed fencing but it has suffered alot of damage and is no longer functioning. There is a huge raccoon population here and I have been hearing them almost every night. I assumed it was raccoons killing...
  15. Spires6

    Been awhile.

    I've been busy and off this site for a few months and decided to come back and see how all the chicken people are doing. So glad the snow is finally melting and it's warming up. It's been a long winter! Hi everyone!
  16. Spires6

    Ducks wanted.

    I am interested in rouen ducks, call ducks, or wood ducks in central Ohio area.
  17. Spires6

    My kid's first poultry show-pics!

    My sons showed their birds at the fair last week and won 3 first place, one second place and reserve grand champion of breeding poultry. This was their first attempt and we were clueless so it was very exciting for them when they won! My older son showed his turkeys and tried to converse with...
  18. Spires6

    Young Bantam Roosters-for sale-Central Ohio

    We have several young bantam roosters to sell. They are several breeds including, cochin, cochin frizzle, silkie, and americauna. We are asking $3 each.
  19. Spires6

    Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys-for sale-Central Ohio

    We have 6 Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys for sale. They are 20 weeks old, healthy, and hand raised by my 12 yr old son. Half are toms and half are hens. We are asking $30 per turkey.
  20. Spires6

    Any idea?

    These are various bantams from TSC. Any idea what they are? 1 week old now 1 week old now 1 week old now
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