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  1. ragerkid2

    Starting bantam chicks before standard chicks

    Hello everyone! Quick question. I have a shipment of chicks coming in next week, and I wanted to get some bantam chicks this year too. My plan was to go to Tractor Supply and pick a couple up, but I'm worried about the little ones getting picked on by the bigger standard chicks. Would it be a...
  2. ragerkid2

    Need help! NOWWW

    I have a pipped chick, well its more of a started zip chick, and it pipped I between 2 last night and 6 this morning, the pip is in the middle of the egg. Once it started to zip, there was blood where it was zipping and it looked like it was struggling. But I thought it was just a slow hatcher...
  3. ragerkid2

    Setting Eggs March 17th. Join in with me!!

    I would love someone to hatch with! It's my first time :)
  4. ragerkid2

    Setting Eggs March 17th. Join in with me!!

    I would love someone to hatch with! It's my first time :)
  5. ragerkid2

    I can't get my humidity up past 35%!!! HELP

    Iv read it needs to be 50-55 and I have all the water pockets filled up. It's still 35. How do I make it higher??
  6. ragerkid2

    First time hatcher questions. Help appreciated :)

    Do I NEED to candle? If so, when do I do so? What do I look for?(bad egg,good egg, ect..) How do I lower/raise temps in an incubator? What do YOU prefer as humity levels, science I know people do it differently, I would like to see what people think. Sorry for such newbie questions and THANK YOU...
  7. ragerkid2

    I rehomed 9 Roos last year and all are still living and doing great!

    I got 9 light brahamas from TSC last year for my first time. Long story short. Me being a beginner, I didn't know that golden comments are supposed to be red. Soooo I ended up with 7 out of 9 Roos and I had to rehome them of course. I out them on Craigslist. And the nicest lady just emailed me...
  8. ragerkid2

    Questions on flock raiser with the chicks and adults, and oyster shell, and introducing chicks to th

    So I plan on starting my chicks on chick feed inside. Until 6 weeks, then I'm putting them in the coop in a fenced off area. Until 9 mabye ten weeks? Do you think that would be a good age to introduce them to each other, since they have been in the same coop, but just fenced off? And then what...
  9. ragerkid2

    Questions about my broody hen.

    I have a light brahama who thinks she is broody. This is what she does, she decides she wants to sit. So I'll give her some golf balls to sit on. Then in the evening, she lays a egg and gets off her nest???? I don't get it. Why would she sit ALL day and lay an egg and change her mind???
  10. ragerkid2

    Can a cardboard box be a 6 week long brooder?

    I'm getting 12 chicks and they just don't sell a big enough plastic tote for the six week period they will be in my house. I was thinking of going to wal*mart and asking for the biggest box I can find. Or putting a couple boxes together with a bunch of duct tape. Would this last 6 weeks? Thanks!!!
  11. ragerkid2

    Can I use my roosting poles like this to accommodate my bird count??

    I have one running along the wall. And I was wondering if I just put one right next to it. With a connector between the two somthing like this l---l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l---l
  12. ragerkid2

    How to keep the birds from throwing out the hay in their nesting boxes??

    That pretty much sums it up. They kick it all out and when they drop an egg it breaks. Only sometimes. But I wish they would leave it in there. The lip isn't very high. Many the height of 3 or 4 pencils stacked on top of each other.
  13. ragerkid2

    Will a 43(L)23(W)18(Deep) brooder be enough for 12 birds?

    It's a plastic tote 43 inches long 23 inches wide and 18 in deep. Will it be big enough for 12 chicks?
  14. ragerkid2

    Thoughts on eFowl.

    I read reviews online, and all the reviews seemed to be good. Any problems they had were fixed right away. Great customer service. I know that they don't breed the chicks, and they ship from other hatacherys. But I'm okay with that. It's actually a really smart idea. They were relatively cheap...
  15. ragerkid2

    Brace yourselves. Tractor Supply's Chick Days start on the 27th.

    That means two things. 1: There will be plenty of while buying dog food, I saw these cute things and.... 2: There will be people like me who call them every day seeing what breeds they get in. And who start buying there food in small poundage so we can see/ but more chicks :D
  16. ragerkid2

    Do orpingtons get bullied when around other breeds?

    I REALLLY want to get orpingtons this year. I have golden comments and light Brhamas and I'm ordering americuanas, barred rocks, golden laced Wyandottes. But on eFowl, t says they will get bullied by other birds. Is this true? I just really love them. Any info will help, thanks!!!
  17. ragerkid2

    Can I eat the eggs if they are still on Dumor chick feed?

    Hi! We have pullets that just started laying. I have layers feed but I also had about a 20pound bag of chick feed left. Can we mix the two together and still eat the eggs? I really dont want to throw away the feed but i really want to eat the eggs. Any help is greatly offered! I dont see...
  18. ragerkid2

    Once a pullet starts laying, how long until it becomes "regular"?

    After the first egg, when does the second and third and so fourth come. And how long until its regular?
  19. ragerkid2

    Is this 14-15 week old Red Comet ready to lay?? (pic)

    Her comb is getting bigger and turning bright red! Is she guna lay soon? When should I introduce the nest boxes?
  20. ragerkid2

    Roosting Pole Question!!!

    The coop is ALMOST to the point where the roosting pole needs to go in. First, how long should it be? I have two light Bahamas(kinda runty looking) and 8 golden sex links. Also how high should it be? I plan on putting the roost above the nesting boxes but on the same wall to save space. (the...
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