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  1. kemclaughlin

    What happened to these babies? *Graphic pics

    I am not entirely certain where this should be posted, so I started here. One of my broodies hatched three healthy, fiesty babies and they were fine this morning. We went out there this evening to move them to their own little pen and one of the babies had skin missing from it's face. I know...
  2. kemclaughlin

    Look what I found!! and a question...

    The top chick is a naked neck. The other two, I am not sure. They are all from the same buff orpington rooster. I have two broody hens. When I move mama and babies to the broody pen, should I move the other broody and her eggs to the same pen?
  3. kemclaughlin

    Possible broody hen problem

    I have a broody speckled sussex who's been sitting on eggs for about 10-12 days. Last night when I went out to candle her eggs, she started pecking at and trying to eat the eggs in the nesting box next to her. I took them away, and this morning she hasn't eaten her eggs, but is this behavior...
  4. kemclaughlin

    Rooster magically appeared- What is he?

    This rooster just randomly appeared in our yard. I don't know how he got here, but he has my other rooster hiding in the coop. I want to post an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone is looking for him, but I don't know what breed he is. Any ideas? I think he is some kind of game bird.
  5. kemclaughlin

    anyone ever had this happen?

    My chickens are laying fertilized eggs and neither of our two roosters are crowing yet. They are about 3 months old.
  6. kemclaughlin


    Are these eggs fertilized? The other eggs with larger, lighter yolks are store-bought. My girls' eggs are the smaller ones.
  7. kemclaughlin

    Blue Andalusian Hen?

    She is about 5 1/2 months old and she has an awfully big comb...
  8. kemclaughlin

    fussy chickens, possible predators?

    My chickens are very fussy and noisy. I know that noisy hens are normal, but they follow me around, and fuss over each other when they are in the coop laying eggs. Could there be a predator around or is this normal?
  9. kemclaughlin

    EE acting strange

    She is acting strange. She is hanging out a lot in the dust bathing holes that they have made. But when I try to catch her she runs from me, but seems a little slow and then lays down again as soon as I stop. Could she just be getting ready to lay an egg? Here is a picture of her. When I...
  10. kemclaughlin

    squished eggs and broody turken?

    We have a turken that is huge, she is about 24 weeks and I am fairly certain she has been laying for about two weeks. We were getting some rubber eggs that were being broken. I added calcium to their diet and they seem to have gotten a little better, but then I thought we had egg eaters...
  11. kemclaughlin

    caused by incubation problems?

    We brought two cockerels home from the kindergarten hatch at my daughter's school. I took them because I already have pullets, I kind of want a rooster, and I know what I am getting, if they need to be re-homed. One of them has a janky foot and the other is feathering out really oddly. Could...
  12. kemclaughlin

    Still thinking Buff Orpington?

    This is a chick that was hatched from a mis-labeled egg in my daughter's kindergarten class. It's most assuredly not a barred rock. We were all thinking Buff Orpington, but now I am not so sure. I know they go through an ugly phase, but this one seems very, very different. Below the new one...
  13. kemclaughlin

    Just to verify...

    I am fairly certain that both of these are cockerals, and would like to verify breed. This guy's egg was mis-marked as a barred rock. He is not a barred rock. It could be a golden sex-link, but I am not so sure about that either. Any clues? We aren't sure which egg this...
  14. kemclaughlin

    Best bet for a broody next spring?

    Okay, here is what I have. Are any of them particularly known for broodiness? Should I hedge my bets and see if I can find a silkie hen? 3 EE 1 Egyptian Fayoumi 1 Speckled Sussex 1 SLW 1 BO 2 Turken 1 Russian Orloff 1 Australorp 1 Barred Rock 1 Blue Andalusian 1 Golden Sex-Link 2 Barnyard...
  15. kemclaughlin

    Too late to fix crooked toes?

    I have a two week old cockeral that was part of my daughter's class hatch. He has crooked toes that were not noticed until we got him home. Is it too late to splint his toes? Is there anyway to fix it? He seems to be doing okay, but he's off balance.
  16. kemclaughlin

    feeding chicks

    Can I feed my chicks the 17% pullet developer feed? I only have two right now and I am wondering if it will be bad for them to eat the developer instead of the starter. They are two weeks old.
  17. kemclaughlin


    I have a question about roosters. I have 17 pullets right now, all between 6 and 10 weeks old. My daughter's kindergarten class did a hatch and got 9 out of 10 eggs to hatch. There are two in the hatch that I can look at and immediately know are boys. I am going to take both of them and...
  18. kemclaughlin

    hatchery mis-marked eggs for school hatch, please help!!

    My daughter's kindergarten class hatched eggs. These chicks are about 10 days old. We know that at least one of them was mis-marked. They were supposed to get barred rock, black sex-link and golden sex link. I think chick 9 might be a buff orpington (it was mis-marked as a barred rock), none...
  19. kemclaughlin

    Suspicious EE pullet...

    This pretty girl came out of the pullet bin. And seems to be growing very beautiful hackle feathers. There is no red on the comb or wattles yet, but it's hard to see them because of her feathering. She is about 5 1/2 weeks old. These pics are her at about 4 1/2 weeks old. These...
  20. kemclaughlin

    Chick with attitude!

    Getting the stink eye from my golden sex-link....
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