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  1. newbie32

    Need To Make Sure

    14 weeks I think-or 15 weeks. Buff Orpington-obviously. I am still not convinced this is a girl. It is the tail feathers that have me confused. They curl-like a roo. Female or no?
  2. newbie32

    Seed Swap!

    Hi everyone! Wouldn't it be great to trade heirloom seeds with others and reduce our money spending? Some of us have seeds from plants that thrive year after year. Why not start a seed swap? Mailing them would be super cheap-46 cents. I plan on buying Amaranth heirloom seeds within the next...
  3. newbie32

    Am I About to Over Crowd?

    I currently have 8 chickens in an 8ft long, 4 foot wide, 4 foot high coop. They seem to have plenty of room. Actually they only use half of it at the very most. However, they have not started to sleep on the roost yet so maybe they will use more later? Anyways-I am getting 5 more chicks on...
  4. newbie32

    What is the dosage?

    Hi all, My Safeguard Goat dewormer finally arrived at the feed store. It is fenbendazole 10%.I can not find the conversions that DragonLady had given to do the treatment on my birds. Does anyone know? This is an oral suspension. Also, can I give it to them in water? How does CC convert to...
  5. newbie32

    Why are they scared of these bugs?

    Hi all, my chickens are scared of the big black stink beetles. We have them year around and since I live in the desert they are the only bug that is easy for them to find. Well several times I have seen one or two in their run and they walk away from them. Why? I want them to eat them so they...
  6. newbie32

    How Many Years of Eggs From A Hatchery

    How many years have you had eggs from a hatchery chicken? Someone made a comment that hatchery birds only lay for a few years. Well that's not good because ALL of my chickens are from hatcheries and I cant afford to replace them. Plus heritage breeders are PRICEY for my budget! Answers are for...
  7. newbie32

    At what age does this happen?

    Hello everyone, I need advice on my 11 or 12-lost track-week old Orps. At what age do hens start to develop their wattles? They have had small combs for a few weeks now-although 2 of them had pinkish combs. Now all of a sudden they have small wattles and the ones identified as female are darker...
  8. newbie32

    Normal chicken behavior?

    Is it normal for my chickens to scrap their beaks on things? It is a side to side motion. Also, is it normal for them to fluff their feathers up a lot:? I started getting nervous of mites but I haven't found any on them. Is it normal for them to run really fast across the run for no apparent...
  9. newbie32

    Gender Feedback Please-Loaded with Pics!

    10 Weeks old. I thought I had a rooster from the start but now another is becoming dominant and a little pushy like a Rooster. The only difference between the 2 suspected Roosters is the tail. I know the Polish genders-I think- so I am asking for the Buffs. Thanks everyone for any imput. Oh BTW...
  10. newbie32

    Does a Roosters Presence Make a Hen lay Faster?

    I have seen comments on this site many times regarding this subject. It makes sense that the hens would lay at a younger age when there is a rooster around. Since the roosters mature faster, they want to mate sooner. So I think this might speed up the hens reproductive hormones into producing...
  11. newbie32

    Is it okay to do this?

    I want to let my chickens out of the run but I have a dog and he has poo all over the yard. I will not make a dog run. Is it okay for my chickens-and my dog-to be around each others poo? Dogs will eat other dogs poo, will they eat my chicken poo? Will my chickens eat my dog poo?
  12. newbie32


    I am considering a different breed besides the ones I have. My buffs are adorable but they are also pigs! I will keep them of course but I would like a friendly, eatable bird that lays well without so much eating. Plus my Buffs don't eat the ants like the polish do. I would like some serious ant...
  13. newbie32

    Experts Please Tell Me How Many Roosters!

    My buffs are now 8 weeks and I need to know how many more females I need to order because the shipment is coming up for the buffs! How many roos do I have?
  14. newbie32

    Is this a good thing?

    I introduced an 8 week old polish hen and two 4 week(maybe 3 weeks idk) old silkies to my flock today. They were quarantined together and every time one of my buffs got close to the babies my polish would freak out and attack. My buffs are all 8 weeks old too and were kind of scared so they...
  15. newbie32

    Whats wrong with my 3 week old chick?

    She seems wet and the chest is bare! I just noticed it and it wasn't like this yesterday! Can chicks sweat?
  16. newbie32


    Hi I have 4 Buff Orpingtons that are still maturing. I got the Orpingtons after doing research and deciding they were the best overall bird for me to breed. However, I was just looking at the reviews and many people say that their egg production is only so-so for the amount of food they eat...
  17. newbie32

    Silly Chickens!

    I have read all kinds of ideas about what to give for treats. Many ideas I have already tried-spaghetti and watermelon and such. I thought they were funny with the spaghetti and they like herbs like mint and cilantro and basil. BUT one day a few weeks ago I bought string cheese from the store. I...
  18. newbie32

    To all people with small children

    I just gave this information to a new member but it urks me that most older members fail to give this information to people when asked about things they should know..... New chicks should NOT be handled by children because.....They can possibly have Salmonella! The Center For Disease Control...
  19. newbie32

    I am WORRIED! Please help

    My chicken has had these wet feathers every since I gave Wazine treatment-about 2 or 3 days. I can not find anything wrong with him/her. I have Googled this and found nothing except for in cases with Ducks. Please Please help!!! I am worried about my beloved chicken-he/she happens to be my...
  20. newbie32

    Should i be concerned?!!!!

    Hi everyone. Not sure where I should be posting this but I might have a problem. After getting advice on here I decided to deworm my 6 week old flock. I used Wazine and followed the instructions to a T. Well I walked out to check on them and they were flaring their feathers and dumping watery...
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