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  1. actressbarbie

    Dog for chicken protection?

    I'd like to get a puppy to train to help protect our chickens but would like some opinions as to what breed would be best. Thanks :)
  2. actressbarbie


    I could really use some advice regarding what to do about an egg bound hen. Thanks!
  3. actressbarbie

    What breed is this roo?

    A friend recently received these two roosters with no info. They seem like good protectors. Any idea's on the breed? Thanks!
  4. actressbarbie

    What breed?

    Any ideas on the breed of these two? We got them as chicks from someone who just said bantam. But it's fun to try and guess.
  5. actressbarbie

    What shrub will the chickens NOT eat?

    Hi, I'm looking to plant something to give the girls some natural cover and shade but, so far, they have eaten the ones I put in. I could really use some suggestions! Thanks!
  6. actressbarbie

    Are geckos poisonous to chickens?

    One of our hens ate a gecko a couple of days ago. Now she is just laying around. Not eating much but drinking. Any thoughts?
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