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  1. professor-yellow

    33"x48" doghouse - coop for 4 chickens?

    A general rul;e of thumb is 4 sq ft for standard breeds, and 3 to 3.5 for bantams. You will know if it is too tight because they will be stressed and fight and egg production will be poor. Here in WA with the rain, I prefer to go on the generous side of 4 with standards, and then they can stay...
  2. professor-yellow

    Baby ducks not taking to flock

    They dont know where home is. Best to catch them before a cat does, and keep them secured in the bduck house with the adult that seems to mother them the most and the other baby. See if they bond. If not you best keep them penned with a light for warmth until they are feathered enough to be...
  3. professor-yellow

    Making your own Broilers????

    Glad to see another post on this subject. Greyfields has inspired me to play with crosses, since I have done pretty well with meat rabbits and ducks. I have: White Rocks (roo and hens) delewares (roo and hens) Standard Cornish roo 2 Black Broiler crooses (hens) The delewares drow so fast...
  4. professor-yellow

    Not allowed to eat them, so...

    They look like Black Broilers from Ideal. Sell them for meat if you dont want to eat them. I actually kept two hens and they started to lay, then after a week they went broody and took over another hens nest. Very good mothers. I will keep these two and cross them with a Standard Cornish roo...
  5. professor-yellow

    Which is best for table meat as well as eggs??

    Orps from the list, but should consider delawares as they are great layers but faster growing than most breeds, so you can get better dress out than other breeds at the same age. Another that i like is the white rock with hens lay noce jumbo eggs and birds are quite meaty and fast growing.
  6. professor-yellow

    roasted red peppers--WHAT TO DO WITH 'EM?

    just eat them fresh. How can they possible last long enough to freeze or fuss with? if you have any left over from snacking, dice and add to omelett, with some green onion and mushroom. Eat/ use like any fresh red pepper with much better flavor.
  7. professor-yellow

    Skinning instead of plucking?

    Skinning is much easier than plucking. The meat birds I skin. Old hens or birds bound for the soup pot get plucked. If you are going to go to the touble to wet pluck, get several lined up.
  8. professor-yellow

    Solar power for my coop - I wanna be Green

    And for all you fish lovers with a wading pool, you too can raise catfish like they do in Indonesia, where they feer the young fish dried chicken poop, and throw them out like feed pellets. another good trick is to build a platform above your pool, and place all your dead chicken carcasses...
  9. professor-yellow

    What hatchery is best?

    Buy from a hatchery that is closest to you and who has your desired breed. Time in transport makes a huge difference. Best to buy where you will pick them up next day from shipping. There is a thread here somewhere that polls members on where they purchased, how many, losses and satisfaction...
  10. professor-yellow

    nesting boxes

    I have my nest boxes right on the floor. Never poop in the straw and always clean eggs.
  11. professor-yellow

    Meat rabbits

    Silver Fox's are somewhat rare and are usually fairly pricey. Calis can be tempermental breeders. IMHO the NZ is the best breed for the money, especially for beginners.
  12. professor-yellow

    Meat rabbits

    New Zealands and californians are best, since they are common, and small boned for the size. We breed Cali bucks with NZ does to get fast growing and meaty fryers by 10 weeks. Look for does who throw large litters wth high litter survivability. Check out the breeding records too. The food...
  13. professor-yellow

    Darned chickens! Won't eat Veggies

    Maybe they prefer their veggies sauteed: a little white wine, butter, and provincial herb. worth a try.
  14. professor-yellow

    do you need a liscense to sell eggs?

    Not only 70 dollars out of pocket, but have your place open to government inspections and audits.
  15. professor-yellow

    Do meat cockerels start to crow before you butcher them?

    Been wittling down the flock of Black Broilers I bought from Ideal. My motto is "when they crow, they go" Not that I cant have the noise, it just is my schedule. BTW, the Broilers grow fast, and act like chickens, but their meat to bone ratiois not that good, but I fed them turkey grower...
  16. professor-yellow

    What age do Ducks start to lay?

    The White goldens and Rouns started to lay at 17 weeks, and by 25 weeks all were laying an egg a day. For the 9 hens i put in 3 nest boxes to see their preference. The best was a wooden grape box with the side removed. They like a ddop nest. During the winter I had them in the greenhouse and...
  17. professor-yellow

    do you need a liscense to sell eggs?

    Requirements are different for every State. Check with the Department of Agriculture.
  18. professor-yellow

    How to clean out coop in preparation for new chicks..

    Make sure once you wash and rinse, you let it dry for at least a week
  19. professor-yellow

    Well I gave the Green Network a shot

    You have given me yet another reason to continue to stay away from television.
  20. professor-yellow

    egg prices

    I just raised my prices. Duck eggs are 6 a soz, large brown eggs are 3.50 and brown pullet eggs are 2. Cant keep em in stick.
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