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    5 day old silkie chick will it have a big crest?

    Hello this is a 5 day old silkie mix chick, they have some mixed genes although both parents look like pure silkies. Can someone tell me if this one has a vaulted skull or not? Will it have a good crest ?
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    My pullet laid her first egg and then nothing for two weeks now!

    I have a young black silkie mix about 7 months old, she laid her first egg two weeks ago (she seemed to be very down and in pain when she laid the first egg) it came out looking good. Her sister is laying eggs regularly every three days or so but the black one has not laid a single egg since...
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    Tiny Mites, DE? Ivermectin? Help!

    Trying again to see if anyone has had tiny whitish mites on chickens, they don't seem to bite but there are a ton. I had grain/mold mites infestation with their feed about a month ago, and only now I noticed mites feasting inside the chickens feathers. Some are stuck along the barbs of...
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    Microscopic Mites on silkie mix chicks.

    I have 9 4 month old pet silkies that go indoor and outdoor, their feathers have always been looking great and I always kept them in very clean environment, with minimum contact with the wildlife. However today I discovered that they have microscopic mites crawling all over them but mostly...
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    silkie mix about 10 weeks old

    I raised 9 baby chicks and i got at least 6 or 7 cockrels, I am really hoping this one is a pullet but I am not so sure anymore these guys have very strange genetics all mixed up. The cockrels who r siblings have big combs, but this one very small and no visible wattle. I dont really know how...
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    gender mixed breed about 10 weeks old

    Hello, this gray bird is a little over 2 months old and its very difficult to figure out the gender because he or she has big wattles but the tail feathers look more female and acts more female as well. Any input appreciated, its supposedly a silkie but obviously mixed. Unknown genetics other...
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    7 week old chick getting dizzy and falling down for only some moments.

    I have silkie mixes at 7-8 weeks old, they might have some sort of bacteria like MG but only one has shown symptoms so he was isolated and treated, now re-integrating into the flock (they all grew up together). Sometimes I've seen a few of them get dizzy after shaking their heads, slower...
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    How to safely reintroduce a chick that was in quarantine

    I got 7 six week old chicks and 2 eight week old chicks (approx), one of the younger ones got sick more than two weeks ago and had to go in quarantine but now is recovered after antibiotic treatment. I've decided to put him back in the flock because whatever he had the others probably have it...
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    possible mycoplasma in 4 week old silkie taking Baytril

    Hello, I'm a first time chick mom, 3 weeks ago I got 9 1-week old chicks (7 of them from one pair of parents and 2 of them from another, from the same breeder, no MG free certifications here in a small city in mexico) they had been all raised together for at least 4 weeks, and were all...
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    4 week old chick wheezing and gurgling, dirty vent, weird neck motion.

    Hi I'm a first time chick owner, I got 9 silkie (probably mixed) chicks 3 weeks ago, two of them were 2 weeks old and 7 of them 1 week old. I'm in a small city in Mexico now, and the local resources are quite limited. I've been feeding them the only commercial chick starter (I believe it's...
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