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    Chicken with Eye infection

    I have this chicken with an eye infection that's been going on for almost a month now. She was fine for the first couple weeks, she would eat drink, and when I let her out to play she would peck and do sand baths. She has taken a turn for the worse this week, and her eye is not improving, and...
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    Water ascites how to drain?

    Trying to insert the needle for my chicken to remove yellow water (water ascites) i got th needle in and got some liwuid out bit idk how to keep it pouring and i dont want to keep sticking a needle to keep draining it as it is unsanitary and poses a greater risk of infection. This is the needle...
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    Dove gets stuck in chicken run

    Pigeons and crows usually go into my chicken run to eat the chicken feed however i was walking to go close the coop door at night and a pigeon starts going crazy trying to get out so i go back out and wait, but its just not getting out so i finally go in and its on the floor and it does not fly...
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    Water ascites?

    Chicken has been showing signs of water acites she recently fell down as she cannot handle her weight anymore idk if it is ascites as there are white spots on her vent area and id you pop them white rough substance comes out. When i feel her vent area i can feel a large bumb that is not bone if...
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    Niacin defiency in ducks?

    What are the sympton of niacan defiency in ducks? And how long till supplements begin to take affect?
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    Teen duckling cannot walk!

    I have a duckling who is almost to adult hood and she started to walk funny until she couldnt anymore now everytime i hold her chest to make her walk her legs go far back to her tail/vent area Some things that mightve caused this are They eat cat food as a major part of their diet I bought them...
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    What breed is this rooster?
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    What breed are these hens and roosters?

    I recently got 23 chickens from someone and i cant find what breed they are
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    Chicken cant walk?!

    I got some chickens this family didnt want anymore and one of them couldnt walk properly or at all and looked extermley obese we tried to make him lose some weight. And walk around more but he died shortly after and now one of the underweight chickens is experiencing the same issue except she...
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    Broken bone of a chicken

    My chicken was attacked by a raccoon and it broke her leg the bone is sticking out and loose how do I fix this? I gave her Tylenol for the pain :(if you need more pictures I'll post and ik it will be painful but do I need to bend the leg to put the bone back in?
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    What is the best way they to get rid of raccoons?

    Raccoons and many other predators have been taking my chickens one by one , what is the best way to get rid of them and should I put them down or relocate them? Thanks!
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    My chicken has a broken leg and beak!

    My chicken was accidently left outside (fenced) and the raccoon managed to grab her through the fence and now she has a leg which looks Bent in two areas and her top beak is completly gone any ideas on how to help her? And to give her anything for the pain? (Putting down is not an option).
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