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  1. mldayton

    ACV for chicks

    We just brought home some baby chicks today. I’ve been reading some about ACV in water but it’s always referring to adult chickens. Do chicks need it too? What age and how much? They’re in the brooder inside right now and will go out to a coop/run in a few weeks. They are on medicated chick feed.
  2. mldayton

    newly hatched chicks...

  3. mldayton

    cocci or worms?

    Have a rooster that is passive and off on his own. He will eat and drink when given to him, but not really go in search of it. We have had him for several weeks now and he has been like this since day one. He has watery white and green poop and only about twice has had a bright red blood spot in...
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