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    Sick Coturnix, swollen head

    6mo female Coturnix quail with swollen right side of face, top of head, and slightly around left eye for 3.5 days. No known trauma. Separated and under a heat lamp with food and electrolytes. Using VetRx some but it gets stressed when I mess with it to put it on (normal for my quail). Pooping...
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    Bare Butted 13wk Hen

    New chicken owner here with a 13 week easter egger hen with a bare spot on her distal back above her tail for about 1 week. Acting normal other than messing with the bare spot occasionally. The other 7 pullets are normal, and we don’t have any roosters (that I know of), but do have a dominant...
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    Ameraucana pullet?

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the chicken world! This is my 8 week “Ameraucana pullet” per Tractor Supply, but I know they’re often falsely sold under this breed name and 10% can be roosters. Personality-wise it has become more stand-off-ish recently versus my other chicks, and it’s the largest in my...
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