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    Winterizing with hay bales and or dog house

    Wondering if it would work/be a good idea to stack hay bales on the outside of the coop to provide a bit more insulation since our coop is very old and way too big for the number of chickens. Someone recommended building a box or dog house type of thing to put inside so the chickens can roost in...
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    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    Hi all, ducks are currently 7 wees old and are eating Nature's Best Organic Duck Crumbles. My plan is to switch them to a feed specifically for ducks (not a layer feed) but a feed with around 1% calcium and 17ish% protein. It is important to me that the feed be soy free and at least non-gmo if...
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    Greetings from Iowa! We have 8 chickens that hatched on June 1, 2021. The chickens are sex-linked (4 red stars and 4 black stars). We also have 4 ducks that are 7 weeks old, which have proven to be more high maintenance than the chickens. We are hoping to get an egg any day now from our favorite...
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