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    Dwarf Muscovy?

    One of my girls is so low to the ground, her legs being so short, that she looks like one of those wind up toys that you just see the feet moving. Is there such a thing as a dwarf Muscovy? Her underside is just barely off the ground, especially when she’s ‘with egg’.
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    Wet Feathered Muscovy

    My Pekin definitely lives up to that ‘like water off a ducks back’ example however my Muscovy does not; her feathers get completely drenched through. They could both be in the pool, one of which is chlorinated although they prefer their little ‘kiddie’ pool, and he comes out clean and fluffy as...
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    White Pigeon …?

    So we found this little beauty on our pool patio today, happily eating the bird seed that fell to the ground. Aside from getting spooked away for a brief period she’s spent most of her day hanging out there. We’re in suburbia and have been told this unbanded sweetie may be a ‘blood sport’ pigeon...
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    Rough Shelled Eggs

    My Muscovy hen has just laid the first egg of her second run and see (and feel) that the shell is rough and bumpy, almost like tiny little pebbles are stuck to it but it’s shell. Is this an indication of something else we need to be aware of and address?
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    Is Blue Butterfly Pea (Clitoria Ternatea) safe for ducks

    I have searched the internet high and low and have yet to find an answer as to whether or not Blue Butterfly Pea vine is safe for ducks to consume.I know it is safe in almost it’s entirety for humans but realize that doesn’t necessarily apply to ducks. And if it is safe, which parts?
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    Muscovy first laying season and panting

    My female Muscovy is on day 20 of her first laying season and whether indoors or out with access to a shaded pool and fresh water she is panting much of the time. She has a VERY hardy appetite and seems otherwise okay but I’m wondering is it normal for her to be panting so much?
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    Male Hinnies and Sex Drive

    Do male hinnies (Male Pekin mated to female Muscovy) have the same sex drive as non-sterile drakes?
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    Diapered Ducks and Mating...

    So here’s a question I never thought I’d be asking and yet... For those who diaper your ducks and have both male and female do you diaper them even during mating season? Our ducks have always been indoor/outdoor pets and when indoors they’ve been diapered. They’d always been the same sex but now...
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    Newly adopted aggressive male Pekin

    We have a pet 6mo female Muscovy and just VERY recently adopted a 10mo old male Pekin from the only home he’d known since he was three days old and was also the only duck, also a pet. His previous human mama said he was very attached to her but had started getting aggressive with her out what...
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    Male Pekin and Female Muscovy Mating

    We just recently adopted a 10mo old male Pekin and he ‘violated’ our sweet little 6mo female Muscovy as far as we know for the first time yesterday, twice, in a kiddie pool, within a 15 minute span. We knew of course this would probably happen and when it did romance wouldn’t be involved, and it...
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    Need help determining dosage

    I have a young duck sick with a respiratory infection. I have Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim DS 800 mg / 160 mg tablets but not sure how to calculate the dose or how to best administer it. She weighs 630grams.
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    Rx needed for Baytril?

    I’ve noticed so many posts recommending Baytril. Is this something that can be ordered online w/o an Rx? I don’t have a tractor supply nearby and my vet won’t supply it to have on hand. Also, is there a resistance to this antibiotic?
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    Is this bumble foot?

    Last week I took a rescue duckling that we’d adopted a week and a half prior to the vet due to a newly developed limp, decreased appetite and stuffy sounding nose (happy to report that today she sounds much less stuffy). Due to Covid I had to wait outside but after running some labs and doing an...
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    Panacure/Safeguard and feather concerns

    So, I’m confused and apparently so is my avian vet who doesn’t often treat ducks which is fairly common with vets in my area. I’ve just finished reading all 38 pages of a fantastic thread started by @KsKingBee back in 2014 with my same current concern and some great information, from among...
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    Leg Sprain?

    Hello All, I’ve looked at past posts regarding this but still have questions. About a week and a half ago we brought home an approx 5 & 8 week old ducklings, not siblings but from the same rescue I volunteer at. Up until yesterday the younger girl(?) was the more curious and spunky of the two...
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    Cephalexin for ducklings?

    Hi. I hope I’m worrying for nothing but we brought home two ducklings a week ago, approx 6 & 9 weeks old now. They both are acting, eating and pooping fine but the younger one sounds like she has a very slight stuffy nose when she’s at rest (I can see straight through so don’t think there’s any...
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    Do you add brewers yeast if...

    Hi All, I’m currently using Manna Pro Non-Medicated Starter/Grower for chicks and ducklings (my ducklings are approx. 5 & 8 weeks) and will be transitioning them to Mazzuri Waterfowl Starter to get them accustomed to pellets when transitioning later to the maintenance. Both brand’s list niacin...
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    Cayenne for deworming?

    While searching the Google I came across this in an article about natural remedies for chickens and ducks: ‘Cayenne pepper burns parasites that make their way into the digestive system. Simply add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to your chicken feed as a natural way to deworm them.’ Has anyone...
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    Crop Feeders vs Tube Feeding?

    I recall seeing a very informative, lengthy post about hydrating and tube feeding ducks of various ages but can’t recall who the poster was but was confused between using a crop feeder (‘metal tube with ball on end’) and using a syringe and tube set up. The online supplier for the crop feeder...
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    Toxiban suspension with or without sorbitol

    I realized as I was about to order Toxiban suspension that there is one with sorbitol (red bottle) and one without (blue bottle). Which one is recommended?
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