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  1. FarmLivin15

    Rooster attacked by fox - gasping and shock 10 hours later. Help! the

    My 6+ year old Rooster survived a fox attack this morning. He has been in shock all day and is still gasping for breathe quite a bit. We've put him in a box under a heat lamp in a quiet, dark room to help with the shock. We've also given him a bit of water a few times as well. Many tail...
  2. FarmLivin15

    Chick has a "puffy" back of the head. Feels like air is in there.

    Hi! One of my 7 week old chicks has a strange "puffy" section on its head as of this morning. It starts at the top center of the head and goes to the back of the head. I would say it swollen but puffy describes it more and even stranger, it feels like there is air in there. It even makes a...
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