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  1. thefamilyflock

    Do I have roos for you! WA, WM, CM

    I have 2 Wheaten Ameraucanas, 2 Wheaten Marans (feather legged), and 3 Cukoo Marans (clean legged). Pick up only. I may be able to meet up depending on location. I will post more pictures tomorrow. Please PM if interested. The Wheaten Marans:
  2. thefamilyflock

    Backordered Brinsea!

    I just got an email that my incubator just shipped!! Good news for all of us that have been waiting!
  3. thefamilyflock

    Thing 1 and Thing 2

    Please let me know what you think the gender of these two 11 week old splash marans. Thanks! Thing 1 (L), Thing 2 (R) Thing 1 (L), Thing 2 (R) Thing 2 Thing 1
  4. thefamilyflock

    How long will they sit after laying?

    I have a 19 week old BO who has just started laying in the past week. She sat on the egg for probably an hour and only moved because our PR forced her out of the box by pecking at her. She had 2 little blood spots on her head today! Is this normal?
  5. thefamilyflock

    Does adding a couple chicks make sense??

    I have 10 sixteen week old pullets and 2 almost one week old chickies in the brooder! I'm thinking of getting a couple more chicks so when it is time to integrate the two groups the attention is spread out. I will integrate them slowly so they get a chance to get to know one another. Maybe I...
  6. thefamilyflock

    There was a black bear in my driveway tonight!

    :epThis beautiful bear was sitting there eating the weeds next to my drive, not paying any attention to us.... What kind of trouble am I in for? Have you had bears after your chickens? Mine were outside on the lawn at the time!! I ran out in my bare feet to scoot them into the coop and run.
  7. thefamilyflock

    Homeowners Insurance...Co. would not write a policy b/c of chicks???

    I am trying to get a new homeowners policy and had one company tell me that they will not write a policy because we have chickens???? Has anyone else had this problem? We have 11 chicks and are conforming to our town's zoning ordinances. Did you need a special policy? This seems silly to me....
  8. thefamilyflock

    I ordered pullets....??(pic heavy)

    I ordered pullets.....did I get what I ordered?? The first is a Columbia rock and the second is a SLW. Let me know your opinion!
  9. thefamilyflock

    New to chickens!

    Good Morning, We have a new flock of chicks just a week old. This is the first time our family has kept chickens and we are really enjoying them. BYC has been so helpful in getting ready for this new adventure. Thanks to all who have posted pictures and information on their chicken coops. We...
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