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  1. TroyD

    Odd egg

    Has anybody had an egg like this? They appear to be very small hard balls. Like round calcium sprinkles. If you scratch them with your finger they fall off the egg.
  2. TroyD

    Need help identifying rescued bird/chicken !

    A friend found this bird on the road last night. I think it looks like a chicken. He thought it could be some kind of wild bird like a quail or pheasant. The bird has had most the feathers pecked from it back and has a large scab on the back of its head. It is eating good and looks happy but a...
  3. TroyD

    free silkie rooster in Rhode Island.

    I have a Silkie rooster who is about 2 years old. My neighbor complained that he crows too much and animal control said he has to go. He is light tan. He will protect his girls. Silkies do not have spurs and only weighs about 3 lbs. so i mostly just laugh at him when he comes after me. Sometime...
  4. TroyD

    Can an older hen get mareks?

    I have one hen that has died and one that is sick. It looks like Mareks. Im not sure how old the hen are (got them from an auction) but they were full grown when i got them, I have had them about 6 months. Now they are sick. I have 3 other chickens that are ok , so far. I thought Mareks was...
  5. TroyD

    new rooster

    I have heard that you should wait till night time to add a new hen to your flock. But what about roosters?? I am getting a rooster today. Can I just add him to my group of girls? The rooster is a silkie. Some of my girls are large birds. I am little scared they may pick on him. Does that ever...
  6. TroyD

    help identify this chicken

    I ordered this chicken from Southern Farm Hatchery about 4 months ago. I should have been a Speckled Sussex hen. The older it gets the more clueless I get. I was sure it was a hen till the tail started growing bigger than the other roosters. What do you Think? The brown one in the front...
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