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  1. coltsfoot

    Slow/Sour Crop now Gasping for Air

    Hi all, we have been trying to take care of our chickee with a slow crop for about 6 days and now things are seeming to progress in a bad direction. Today when we picked her up she began gasping for air. Any thoughts??? I first noticed her lethargic, picked her up, and noticed how full she...
  2. coltsfoot

    Introducing very docile Orpington Rooster to Flock of 3 Hens?

    I know it's not the ideal ratio but we are considering rescuing a roo and adding him to our little flock (2 BR and 1 RIR). Normally I'd worry about him harassing the girls but he is Seriously docile and if anything, it'll be the other way around (which would also be an issue). Although he is...
  3. coltsfoot

    Ah! is this just molting???

    Is she molting...? We're worried. We thought they were molting a few months ago but it didn't look nearly close to this. She is missing feathers mainly around her vent area and breast but also small patches around her legs and sides... Thank you!! cf
  4. coltsfoot

    silly question maybe but...

    Are there any breeds of chickens that do not require supplementary feeding and will meet their nutritional needs solely by free rangin? I'm specifically curious bout laying hens... cf
  5. coltsfoot

    Feeding hens their own shells...

    Ok so the economic motivations for feeding chickens their own eggshells are obvious, and the girls certainly seem to enjoy them... My question is whether anyone has ever read or heard of research done on the long-term safety of chickens eating their own eggshells. For example, the lethal mad...
  6. coltsfoot

    Do they need constant access to their nesting boxes?

    Hello, we have four happy young hens who recently started laying (within the last few weeks). We believe that it's important for their health, happiness and sanity to be able to free range so they spend most of the day doing just that. Our concern is that because we need to keep the run/coup...
  7. coltsfoot

    silkie cut up/missing toe

    Hey all, I have a silkie, about 2 years of age, that I noticed tonight was bleeding from her foot. The foot appeared to have a missing toe, like it had been injured and she pecked it off, the nail was gone and all the meat around where the toe should have been was missing. How can I treat...
  8. coltsfoot

    64 degrees and raining... Can they go out?

    So it's 64 degrees out and rainy. I don't wanna keep them locked in their brooder for this week of rain but my chicks are about 5 - 6 weeks old and not completely feathered out. Will they be OK? They would have a place to shelter themselves from the rain... Thanks! cf
  9. coltsfoot

    why is this chick so huge!!

    So I got 12 Ameraucana and Barred Rock pullets and after about a 2 weeks they are all about the same size except for one of the barred rocks. This chick, nearly twice the size of the others, clearly has a voracious appetite and refuses to let anyone get in the way of her and her food. So what...
  10. coltsfoot

    Certain breeds that will alert rest of flock of danger?

    In my yard, the greatest threat during the day are hawks. Is there a certain breed of chicken - or any poultry for that matter - that is particularly attentive and will alert the other birds quickly if there is a hawk or other predator around? Looking forward to hearing any input!
  11. coltsfoot

    2 Inch Mesh

    Is 2 inch mesh ok for a run? We have coyotes, racoons, foxes, badgers, and hawks. Thanks!
  12. coltsfoot

    Free Chicks for a Loving Family- East MA

    Please place items for sale (or give away) in appropriate Buy Sell Auction section. Thanks.
  13. coltsfoot

    Free Chicks for a loving family - East MA

    Please post items for sale in auction format in the appropriate BSA section. Thanks
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