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  1. rides2far

    Broody Hen

    One of my 10 month old pullets has decided to hatch golf balls. She is now in a time out cage with food & water. Any hints or suggestions?
  2. rides2far

    Oh, the horror!

    Well, I went into town to stock up for my chickens & horses. 2 bales of alfalfa, 50 lb bag of cob, & 2 50lb bags of scratch n peck layer. They were out of scratch n peck! Ok, what crumbles do you have? What?? None?? Only pellets?? Boy, are my chickens ticked. They looked at those pellets &...
  3. rides2far

    Mouse Hunt

    Oh, my gosh. Tonight I went out to tuck in my girls. I close & lock the pop door, then I go inside the coop to check on everyone & look for eggs. Well, tonight when I turned on the light, a mouse started running around. My SLW saw it & came off the roost. Between her chasing it, & my jumping &...
  4. rides2far

    Hens not using the nesting boxes.

    I have 2/14 hens not using my nesting boxes. I have 4 boxes. They are large & roomy. They are painted a dark color. They have a bar in front so the hens can hop up easily. 12 hens are with the program. One of my Welsummers lays in the poop tray, one of my BOs lays in the run. I have caught the...
  5. rides2far

    New babies

    I just had to share. My son free ranges in Goleta, Ca. His Delaware hen went missing about 3 weeks ago. He figured one of the red tailed hawks got her. Today she showed up with her new brood of babies. They are cooped for right now until they are a little bigger. Their dad is an Austrlorp.
  6. rides2far

    I would rather clean the chicken coop than ...

    So today I decided to clean up my run & coop. I raked all the shavings & hay to the middle in a big pile, put down some PDZ, brought in a big pail of dirt for bathing purposes, cleaned out the feeders & waterers, raised one of my waterers, raked the dirt in front of the coop/run, sprayed the...
  7. rides2far

    Can chickens eat figs?

    I have a very large fig tree & was wondering if eating figs would be ok for chickens. I can only eat so many figs by myself!
  8. rides2far

    Roost Ramp Question

    I have a question about the degree or pitch of a ramp for my roosts. My roosts are about 40" high with poop boards under them. I think they are a little high for some of my bigger pullets. Thanks in advance.
  9. rides2far

    Safe to eat?

    Is it safe for chicks to eat bell peppers, radishes, & radish tops? Thanks
  10. rides2far

    Baby chicks in the coop a little early

    We are having cabinets in our kitchen & bathrooms refinished. It occurred to me that the fumes would NOT be good for my 22 three week old chicks. (Yes, I'm slow). I plan on putting them in our 8 X 10 coop with 2 heat lamps at one end. 8 of the chicks r pretty feathered out, the others less so...
  11. rides2far

    White spot on barred rock head

    Does a white spot on a chick mean it's a male?
  12. rides2far

    Beet pulp

    Does anyone here feed their chickens well soaked beet pulp pellets or shredded beet pulp? I feed it to my horses. I read an article about raising beets for your chickens, so I was just curious.
  13. rides2far

    No Mareks vaccine for chicks

    I purchased 8 chicks from our local feed store. They were already a few days old. They were not vaccinated for Mareks. I know it should be done right away. Can I vaccinate them now, or is it too late. The chicks I ordered from Ideal were vaccinated, BTW.
  14. rides2far

    Chick with neck injury

    My chick shipment from Ideal went out on Tuesday at 4:01. They arrived today, Saturday. Out of 20, one was DOA, one is almost gone, & one had an injury to her neck, similar to wry neck. What can be done for her? We gave her H2O via syringe, but she can't straighten her neck at all. She falls...
  15. rides2far

    Temperatures in brooder

    I'm expecting my 20 chicks next week, so I've been checking the temps in my plastic tote brooder. The 250 watt was way too hot. 120 degrees. I don't want fried chicken! Back to the store & finally found a 90 watt red light. Temp was a steady 100 degrees in the middle, 80 degrees on the sides...
  16. rides2far

    Chicks sold out

    Here in Bakersfield, Ca, one of our local feed stores is called The Round Up. On Thursday they got 800 chicks. We went in today, Saturday, at around 9:30. They had 3 left. Crazy! Still waiting for my chicks from Ideal. Should be next week...
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