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  1. Finge

    The Wilson Farm Thread~

    So a little about myself, I started my first flock with 19 broilers for an FFA contest. Worst Decision EVER. After the contest was over, my dad found a friend who was willing to trade me my first layer flock for the ugly broilers. I got 5 hens and a rooster they were a RIR/Production red mix + a...
  2. Finge

    Turkeys, guineas, ducks, and chickens question

    Soo...Finge did a dumb. I recently found a turkey breeder who was giving me turkey eggs. I got 6 turkey eggs and a bonus of a dozen guinea eggs. The day AFTER I got them, the breeder asked if I also wanted ducklings, since her ducks were going broody, she could not give me eggs, but a promise of...
  3. Finge

    Silkie x Production chicken question

    I've been thinking about this for a few hours, and i'm not sure if my thinking and thoughts of chicken genetics is correct. Long ago I was told that the production and egg size of a chicken depends on it's sire, I've forgotten what the Dam gave to the offspring. If this is true, then would an...
  4. Finge

    Miller's Chicken Farm Blog

    I'm just going to post my chickens here, including my set up and log my plans as well. I currently reside in Missouri, and have 17 chickens. I have 10 Rhode Island Reds, Red Rock. "Ol' Red"--rooster Autumn--hen Berry--hen Pompo--hen Rose--hen 4 unnamed possible rooster chicks, And...
  5. Finge

    Hatching guinea

    I'm wondering how to hatch guinea, as I plan on getting some this summer, and I'm still deciding whether to just buy some keets, or hatch them. Im asking here, because last time I googled how to hatch, I lost the entire clutch from humidity.
  6. Finge

    What genders?

    I have I believe four 5 week old rir chicks. I asked on facebook, and got mixed responses. Some say all roo, some say half and half. Unnamed chick 1 (im guessing cockerel from the short tail and red comb) Unnamed chick 2 (also guessing cockerel for the same reasons.) Robin (guessing...
  7. Finge

    A few questions

    I have 18 chickens, a goat that has overstayed his welcome, and 4 bird aggressive miniature dachshunds. After doing research, im now looking into getting some guinea fowl, I have a few questions that the almighty Google cannot answer. Question 1, how high can Guinea fly, and can I clip their...
  8. Finge

    Terra vet 200 dosage in gallons of water?

    I have a sick flock with respiratory infection, and i'm wondering what dosage per gallon of water, as the bottle has nothing to do with chickens, and can't find out anything on the internet.
  9. Finge

    Ideas for a shed coop?

    I have had my first babies, my RIR and my skittish polish, for a couple months, since I believe I've had them since july, maybe June. I have not had a secure coop in all this time, and i'm now up to 18 chickens(+4 chicks) instead of my original 7, and I've been planning on buying a metal shed...
  10. Finge

    Lockdown and automatic turner

    I am stagger hatching two batches of eggs, Im going into lockdown for the first set of 13 eggs on Monday, can I keep them on the automatic turner, or do I need to remove it and hand turn the rest of the eggs until all of the first batch are hatched or are confirmed dead in the shell? as for the...
  11. Finge

    Whats a good small livestock guardian?

    I'm a very worry wart when it comes to my flock of chickens, and im wondering what a good small livestock guard is there? I don't have the space for a big dog(parents don't want another dog that's not going to be bred and have litters) and I definitely don't have enough for a donkey.
  12. Finge

    September Hatch-A-Long

    Welp, I have eggs that are due to hatch first week of September, so I thought i'd just start the September hatch a long! I have RIR and hopefully a few polish mix eggs in the incubator due for the first week of September, I just added 13 more eggs in there, same breeding group. The first batch...
  13. Finge

    Introducing dogs & rooster problem

    My mini dachshunds had a litter, we can't seem to sell the three males, and it seems we'll be stuck with them for a while. Their father has recently killed 4 of my pullets/cockerels, and I want these three to live peacefully with my flock. The pups are currently 9 weeks old, and their first...
  14. Finge

    how long after external pip does the chick hatch

    This is my first time incubating, I have a chick ready to hatch, it's externally pipped, and I saw it's beak at 11: am, it's 11 pm with no progress. I'm getting worried that something might be wrong, as they didn't have the greatest start, or ending either. My power has been going out this week...
  15. Finge

    Fast way to integrate chicks to adults

    So I have a problem that I didn't think of before, I have 11 4-5 week old chicks in a brooder coop inside my run with my 7 older chickens, 5 hens and two roosters. I also have eggs in an incubator that will hatch when my chicks are about 6 weeks old. I need that brooder coop for the new chicks...
  16. Finge

    Emergency: DIY incubator that's really quick?

    I need a quick to build incubator, as the one I built and put eggs in, isn't working properly, and i'm afraid it's too late to take out the eggs and go and try and search for a cheap one. I've seen incubators that only used a heat lap, container, and damp blanket. at this point im tempted to do...
  17. Finge

    Mutt breeding Thread

    Not sure if this was already made, couldn't find it, so I decided to make it! Currently I only have some purebreds, I THINK, but my polish boy, Psycho Sid "Sid" is sneaking some dates in with my RIR hens while my RIR roo, Red Rock "Red, "ol' Red" is busy doting on some of his other girls. I...
  18. Finge

    Incubator humidity and temp help

    I made my first homemade incubator and I cant get the humidity to stabilize, I don't have a sponge atm, ao I have a small dish with a paper towels on top, which is also the problem with themp, I got to 99, but now I cant seem to keep there. Ive had eggs ready for a couple days, and I really...
  19. Finge

    What would a RIR Polish cross look like?

    I have a roo, and in wondering what he and my rhode island hens would make.
  20. Finge

    Basic chicken pen plans

    My kind of set up for my chickens Is kind of free range and kind of not. I have a area fenced off in my backyard that is 36x55 ft, i'm planning on putting a fence so it cuts that space in half, or half as I can get it without blocking my gate, for two separate small flocks, or an integration...
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