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  1. lickskillet

    Same story, different critter lol

    Because of our wicked storm this morning, didn't check the trap till this afternoon, looky what we got THIS time!
  2. lickskillet

    BAD STORM!!!

    We lost a couple of BIG trees one in the front yard and one in the back moments ago! Here's some pics, I also have video. Lol The tree in front is blocking the street in and out of the neighborhood. Oops!
  3. lickskillet

    CCM or Australorp chicks?

    I've never had either, and was told it could be one or the other from the egg shipper. Thanks for looking! Or do I have one of each? We had a confusing hatch (at night when asleep) with breeds we have never had before. Lol
  4. lickskillet

    Going to set a trap for another coon....

    We are going ahead and setting a trap for the OTHER coon tonight. I'll post a quick "we got it" tonight if it's caught. But I'll NOT post what we're gonna do with it! Lol (Sorry MODS for the other locked thread, it was not my intention to start anything).
  5. lickskillet

    Looky what we caught tonight!

    Something for the past three nights has been getting in our run through the top (which is chicken wired). It was getting into the outside feeder and making a mess. We double and triple checked the openings between the runs of wire, making sure there were not any gaps big enough for a snake to...
  6. lickskillet

    Fix for our muddy runs!

    Finally! Dh and DD worked for 2 days running slabs of wood around the bottom of our runs and filling them with wood chips from a neighbor that runs his own sawmill at his barn. The wood chips are 8-10 inches deep. DD now only has to take a garden fork and turn the chips over occasionaly. It...
  7. lickskillet

    This was sooo weird! :D **UPDATED with PICS**

    My DD bought some guinea eggs last week from a man at our local stock yards. Long story short he didn't have the eggs on him just selling adults that day, so he offered to have us follow him home and get some. Which we did. He went to his barn and came back with a dozen. We never thought to ask...
  8. lickskillet

    Have you guys thought of..... ***Another one*** Lol

    bulk picture uploader? That would make making our homepages easier. Lol Just asking...
  9. lickskillet

    The chicken whisperer

    This is being aired right now on CNN Headline news! COOL
  10. lickskillet

    Question about coloring??

    My DD bought some shipped eggs (12). One has just hatched and the other is pipped, these are the only 2 that made it to hatch day. Out of the 12 one egg was more green, not that that has any bearing at all. Lol My question is, they were supposed to be blue, but this chick is NOT blue. Can...
  11. lickskillet

    Just wanted to say...

    You mods are the BESTEST!! You do an awesome job, and just reminding you how appreciated you are!
  12. lickskillet

    Sorry :(

    I didn't intend to cause a heated debate with my original post, as things happen I'll updat my Homepage. Or you can PM me. Again sorry everyone!
  13. lickskillet


    Sorry im shaking!! My husband just shot a german shephard in our chicken run! It got 17 out of 31 chickens!! My 13 yr old daughter whose these chickens are the pets of is hysterical, she is the one who locks them up of a evening. She heard a noise and went to see what was happening and saw a...
  14. lickskillet

    Avian Necropsy ***UPDATE***

    I had a hen (ISIS) sent off on Thursday that died the day before. UofK is the university she was sent to, and the diagnosis was "Eggbound". I did all of the things mentioned on this site to try and have her relax enough to release an egg, as in a warm bath, oil on bread, oil dripped in beak...
  15. lickskillet

    Avian necropsy, anyone sent off a chicken before??

    I would like some info on how things are done. I had a hen who passed away just under an hour ago and want to send her to the nearest University that does this. I'm just wondering what all it entails. I have put her in the freezer for now, I didn't know if she needed to be kept (fresh)?? Thanks...
  16. lickskillet

    Avian necropsy??

    Anyone ever had one of these done? My hen died tonight, just a few minutes ago, and I need to know how she is to be shipped to the University (different city). I knew it was coming, I just put off calling the University, to ask how things are done, you know cup half full.... I will call as soon...
  17. lickskillet

    tfpets** You have a PM! LOL

  18. lickskillet

    FOUND SOME THANKS! **WTB the purest blue-est eggs that can ship ASAP**

    My incubator is ready and waiting!! I have already 9 eggs that were supposed to be real blue waiting to go in, but would like to find some REAL blue ones. Bantam if possible lol I'm trying to get to the point of having just pure breeds, but it's hard to find any around me. TIA
  19. lickskillet

    *****PhlyinPheBee *****

    How is your baby chick today?? Nevermind, i just saw your other thread. I'm so sorry, sometimes these things happen. Congrats on your new little chickie!!
  20. lickskillet

    de-worming, but don't think worms are my problem NOW!

    Here is some history of WHY I thought maybe I should deworm...BTW: (I haven't seen any worms in their feces since I wormed them.) Last weekend had one of my FAVORITE chickens, a modern, die from the only symptoms I could tell were: Ruffled up feathers Skinny She had no drainage of any kind...
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