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  1. BreezeBri337

    Chickens back toenail is cut in half and is bleeding!

    Hey, everyone. One of my Plymouth Rock hens got her back toenail cut in half and it is bleeding (I don't know how it happened). She is about 1 year old and is currently molting. I found her in the nesting box area and I found blood on the perches, blood on the eggs, and I noticed that her feet...
  2. BreezeBri337

    Keeping the Coop Warm in the Winter

    Hey, Guys! Just yesterday, we got our first snow, and it's one of the earliest snows we've had in a while. The temperature is currently in the '20s/30s and dropping. This is only my second year of raising chickens and last year we didn't have a cold winter. I'm not sure if I should put a heater...
  3. BreezeBri337

    I found a dead chicken at the top of the coop stairs. Help!

    Hey, everyone. Yesterday, I found one of my Sapphire Gem pullets dead (almost 3-months old) on the chicken coop stairs that lead into the main house :hit. Her body was in the main house, but her head was hanging over the stairs. The day before she seemed perfectly healthy (as did the other...
  4. BreezeBri337

    Should I buy a rooster for my free-range hens?

    Hey, BYC! I let my hens free-range every few days and I was wanting to free-range them more often. I heard that roosters warn their hens when there is danger and do a whole lot of other stuff for them. However, I also heard that they are mean and aggressive toward people. Then there is the whole...
  5. BreezeBri337

    Should I use sand in my chicken coops?

    Hey, BYC! For a while now, I've been thinking about putting sand in my chicken coop (I have been using wood shavings for about a year now). I've never had sand in my coop before, so do any of you guys have any tips when it comes to putting sand in chickens coops? Thanks, everyone!
  6. BreezeBri337

    Is my hen broody?

    Hey, BYC! I have one hen that has become a little to overprotective of her eggs and I'm not sure if she's broody or not. Whenever I try to grab the eggs from her, she grabs the eggs with her foot and pulls them under her. She also does this long clucking noise when I try to get near her. We have...
  7. BreezeBri337

    What are some of the best hatcheries to buy chicks at?

    Hello again, BYC! I'm planning on buy chicks next spring and I'm not sure which hatcheries have the best reputation with hatching chicks. When I first got my five Plymouth Rock chickens, I got them all from my local Tractor Supply and I did the same thing with my Sapphire Gems. I wanted to try...
  8. BreezeBri337

    Can a cat break into a chicken coop?

    Hey, BYC! I have an outdoor cat that has been living on my property for 6 years now (one year ago I got my first batch of pullets). Every once in a while, I see her sitting on my fence watching my hens. It's happening more and more often now. Is there a way she could break into the coop? Should...
  9. BreezeBri337

    Is the Swedish Flower a good backyard chicken breed?

    Hey, BYC! I was researching about different chicken breeds for egg-laying and I came across one breed called the Swedish Flower. I instantly fell in love with the breed, so I started researching more about it. I found out that it's a dual-purpose breed and is widely known for its beautiful...
  10. BreezeBri337

    How much room do 9 chickens need?

    Hey, guys! I've been planning on building a run for my 9 chickens and I'm not sure how much room they will all need :confused:. Any idea's?
  11. BreezeBri337

    At what age should I introduce 8-week old pullets to one-year-old hens?

    Hey, guys. This is only my second batch of chickens, so I am completely new to introducing chickens to each other. I currently have four 8-week old pullets and five one-year-old hens. Is there a certain age I should wait for before introducing them to each other. Or should I introduce them to...
  12. BreezeBri337

    Sapphire Gem - Pullet or Cockerel?

    Hey guys! I have three 8-week old Sapphire Gem pullets (four in total) and I'm not sure about the gender of one of them. It has been growing these small, weird feathers on top of its head ever since it was a couple of weeks old. They have continued to grow to this day. None of the others have...
  13. BreezeBri337

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey, guys! I'm new to BYC and I'm loving it so far! I've been wanting to join BYC ever since I found this site and got my first batch of pullets about a year ago. I have 5 Plymouth Rock hens and a couple of months ago I bought 4 Sapphire Gem pullets (not completely sure that they all are...
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