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  1. Cochin378

    Starting College Have to get rid of beloved Show Birds

    I am going to college in the fall and I have to get rid of all of my show birds before I go. I have showed poultry at sanctioned shows and through 4H since I was nine years old. In that time I have managed to get several show wins including Best in Show at the county fair. I was also ranked...
  2. Cochin378

    Removing Bluing stain from white cochin???

    I would appreciate any advice as to how to remove a bluing stain from my white cochins feathers because the show is tomorrow and I have no idea what to do.
  3. Cochin378


    Hello, I am looking for a used Hovabator 1588 to use as part of a 4H project. I would like one in fairly good condition because people need to be able to see everything through the picture window. I would be willing to pick it up or have it shipped to me. I live near Grand Rapids MI.
  4. Cochin378

    Bantam Wyandotte hens

    Hello, up for your consideration are two bantam wyandotte hens. One hen is blue laced red and the other one is golden laced. They should produce half blue laced red and half golden laced if bred. They were hatched in December of this year.I recently showed one of them at Michigan fowl fest where...
  5. Cochin378

    Bantam Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Roosters

    Hello All, Up for your consideration are two Bantam Blue Laced Red Roosters. They are two pretty boys that are nine months old now. I just have too many roosters otherwise I would probably keep one. I have healthy birds that are pretty spoiled and kept in separate pens in a heated chicken coop...
  6. Cochin378

    Chick embryos in Shell-Less Culture

    As part of a school experiment in conjunction with my 4H group I am performing several shell less embryo cultures.This method allows for the continuous observation of living chick embryos from day 3 to day 18 of incubation. It will also allow people to see the differentiation of organ systems...
  7. Cochin378

    Ohio National Poultry Show?

    I am thinking about attending the Ohio national poultry show. I looked on their website and it does not answer my question. Does anyone know if they have a bird sales section at the show? I thought they would have birds for sale at the show but the website didn't say anything about it...
  8. Cochin378

    Set eggs today 26 of September !

    Hello everyone, I just set one and a half dozen eggs in my Brower incubator. I am having trouble keeping the humidity up. I will provide updates on this post every day including candling pictures if anyone is interested. I hope that all of them hatch. Feel free to comment, ask questions or give...
  9. Cochin378

    Ducks abandoned in city advice please.

    recently went to Grand Rapids and I was walking down the board walk that goes right by the grand river that runs through the city. I was walking on the river walk and I saw this flock of ducks so I decided to look a little bit closer and then I saw something strange. On the river looking a...
  10. Cochin378

    Vaccinated and unvaccinated birds?

    One of my friends recently told me that if a bird is vaccinated for Mareks disease that it will shed the live virus in it's poop and give it to the unvaccinated birds. Is this true? I have vaccinated and unvaccinated birds that range togther in the same barn like they have for months now and...
  11. Cochin378

    Wheaten Ameraucanas and Blue laced Red Wyandottes

    Make the 4Her or chicken enthusiast in your life really happy. Due to too many roosters I am forced to sell my gorgeous Standard Wheaten ameraucana roosters. They are approxmatly six months old.There parents recently took best in show at an APA show. My Daughter shows in 4H and FFA so they get...
  12. Cochin378

    Whitmore Farms?

    Has anyone had any experiences with Whitmore farms? I ordered 15 Amercuanas and 10 Welsummers from them in early January. They said that they would ship the chicks sometime in March but they did not give me the exact date. If you have gotten chicks from them when did you receive your chicks...
  13. Cochin378

    3 Missing Toes , Leg Mites And Maggots

    I recently rescued a bantam hen form squalled conditions. Her feet are covered with leg mites which led to a build up to what I can only describe as calcification of her entire foot and leg. It is like this super hard layer of extra skin that does not have the normal scales or color even. I...
  14. Cochin378

    Emergency! chick with exposed Navel

    : woke up this morning to see a chick hatched and then I realized the chick had an exposed navel with a little bit of stuff coming out of it. First I tried to push it back in with Preparation H and then I sprayed it with Bactine and tried to put Triple Antibiotic ointment on top of it. I was...
  15. Cochin378

    [b]Best way to incubate Serama eggs?[/b]

    I am trying to hatch serama eggs for a friend. I have heard that they are alot different than normal chickens. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me.I put fifteen eggs in my incubator today:D
  16. Cochin378

    Standard cochin breeders

    Hi you guys. I am looking for good Standard cochin breeders in the upper Midwest. The MI,IN,OH area. I live in Michigan so finding someone closer would be nice. I am looking for birds that I can show because I participate in lots of 4H fairs through out the summer. So do you know any breeders?
  17. Cochin378

    How many chickens can I fit in my coop and how large should my run be?

    My Dad and I are currently in the process of building a new 10 by 12 chicken coop. We live on twenty acres of land and we have at least two acres of green grass that we could use for the run. How many standard chickens can I fit comfortably in my coop? and how big do you think the run should be...
  18. Cochin378

    Feeding my show birds.

    I am wondering what I should feed my show birds along with their regular layer ration to make them fuller bodied and have shiner feathers. I read that if you add sun flower seeds to their feed it makes their feathers shiner. Is their anything else that you think I should add to make my Standard...
  19. Cochin378

    HI everyone I'm new.

    Greetings from the Midwest. I like Cochin's and for the last couple of years I have been trying to raise them for showmanship. I have done reasonably well in showmanship. I am hoping to learn more so I can do better at shows and teach people in my club new things.
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