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  1. NYChicks345

    2012 Wyandotte Breeders Thread !!!

    I am looking for fertile standard wyandotte hatching eggs in the partridge variety.....can anyone help?
  2. NYChicks345

    The People You Meet

    I love having folks over to check out our farm. They are always amazed at all of our pets. We just had a vary sweet couple stop by to purchase white silkie bantam chicks. They were from Russia and wanted to start a small flock for their grand kids to play with. I am always amazed at the unique...
  3. NYChicks345

    Blue Cochin Hen Hatched First batch of eggs

    Absolutely, much better than TV. We spend hours a weeks just watching or chickens and chicks
  4. NYChicks345

    Breeds We Added to Our Flock

    This year we added Anconas, Black Copper Marans, and I have 12 BLRW hatching eggs on there way this week, with a broody hen ready to set on them. Very excited to *** these birds to our flock. We would still like to add speckeled Sussex, Barred/Partridge Rocks, and Welsummers. Anyone else expand...
  5. NYChicks345

    Blue Cochin Hen Hatched First batch of eggs

    Our blue cochin hen (her name is Timmy because our son always thought she was a rooster when she was young) hatched 7 little chicks yesterday. She is just now a year old and the best mother hen that we have. They are all very healthy and we have spent hours watching her teach her new chicks all...
  6. NYChicks345

    Is she broody/ other questions?

    You don't have to move her out of the coop but I always do so the other chickens don't disturb her... If you do move her and the eggs I would do it at night.. Everyone does things different, this is just what has worked for me
  7. NYChicks345

    Is she broody/ other questions?

    Sounds like she is very broody to me. I try to hatch all my chicks using broody hens and have have had great success. If she is still in the coop I would move her and her nest to a private location. If you have fertile eggs you want hatched replace the eggs she is sitting on at night... She...
  8. NYChicks345

    White Silkie Chicks Beared/Non-Bearded

    I would cconsider shipping, however of you are interested I can also meet u somewhere If you are from Woodstock NY
  9. NYChicks345

    White Silkie Chicks Beared/Non-Bearded

    I have 26, 4 week old white silkie bantam chicks for sale. Some are bearded and some are non bearded. Asking $5 each. I will let you pick out what ones you want. All must go.
  10. NYChicks345

    Comment by 'NYChicks345' in article 'The Little Red Hen House'

    Very nice coop. I was thinking of building a run with the same idea this summer. Great Job!
  11. NYChicks345

    Set Eggs Under Broody Silkie 4/24

    A friend gave me 6 blue cochin bantam eggs and 5 black cochin bantam eggs. I set them in with a silkie hen today and she went right to work. I was suprised she could fit all of them under her. Lets hope for the best.
  12. NYChicks345


    We had a bad hawk attack Easter Morning. Lost four hens and a rooster and three more hens are in the basement recovering from bad wounds on there backs. I love free ranging our chickens and have not had problems with any other predators, but after the hawk attack last fall and the on yesterday...
  13. NYChicks345

    Need advice...going outside for the first time?

    I have done it many times without a problem.... If they get cold they will let you know by their loud distressed chirp
  14. NYChicks345

    Boys VS Girls

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