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  1. Tipsy Hen

    Northern New England - Favorite weather hardy chickens

    My husband and I live in Southern Maine are new to raising chickens. We currently have 3 young ladies and thinking about adding a few more next year. We have a RIR, EE and a SLW... what other breeds should we consider and what do you like about them... also, what should we stay away from and why?
  2. Tipsy Hen

    Just not sure...

    This morning my husband said that he heard/saw my EE on the top perch at 5:30am crowing like it was trying to sound like a rooster... I came home and took a few pics to see if someone here might be able to help us because we are really new... My young ones are about 9-10 weeks old and the only...
  3. Tipsy Hen


    Hi! I am a first time chicken mama. I have 3 baby chicks (9 days old). They are an Easter Egger, a Silver Laced Wyandotte and a RI Red. I've really enjoyed reading many posts in the forums and had a question quickly answered already... This is a great site and I'm excited to learn a lot from...
  4. Tipsy Hen

    Table Scraps (new chicken Mama)

    Hello! I'm very new to raising chickens. I have 3 baby chicks, 5 days old and they are doing great! I would love to start giving them little bits of table scraps when I check on them but I can't seem to find a clear answer on how young I can do this? I do appreciate any feedback
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