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  1. gypsymoonfarm

    **UPDATE** on shrink-wrapped chick...HE'S OUT! :0)

    I'm a noob to incubating and I messed up my first hatching group last week. I shrink wrapped them by opening the incubator. After 3 dying after pipping I helped the rest hatch and they all lived. One was tiny and it lost a lot of blood on the way out. I just kept removing a little shell at...
  2. gypsymoonfarm

    Do I turn unpecked eggs during lockdown?

    Thanks everyone!! I have a blue mottled d'uccle so far.....waiting on one lavender (one I want most), 3 more blues, 2 black mottled, and 2 porcelain. I lost my pet d'uccle flock last months so I can't wait to see if these little boogers make it through the hatch!
  3. gypsymoonfarm

    Do I turn unpecked eggs during lockdown?

    My eggs hatched days earlier than I expected. They were shipped during the heatwave and I didn't even think to count those 3 days when I was planning. So 3 days early I got up and found pecked eggs. I had to open the incubator to lay a wet towel down so they wouldn't fall through the egg...
  4. gypsymoonfarm

    And the Angles sang...

    I've heard of Angels singing, but this is the first time I've heard of angles. Congrats on your new egglayers!
  5. gypsymoonfarm

    Pet Chicken, Attitude Adjustment ADVICE needed

    How about we brush ourselves off and get back to the OP? That Weeble is soooooo cute! I love the photo of him in the garden center with the wild 'fro. I had a rascal for a rooster, he was my favorite from the day we got him. I paid extra attention to him. He ended up attacking my elderly...
  6. gypsymoonfarm

    Mom Anne's FRUITCAKE For All You Fruitcake Haters!

    Thanks for posting your recipe! I'm going to do it.
  7. gypsymoonfarm

    Never incubated with success, I have a couple questions.

    1. The eggs are all in these egg cups that are built into the incubator. What do I do when they hatch out? It is an automatic turning one with water wells underneath the egg tray. 2. If I keep the chicks on my porch, which is not climate controlled, do I still need a heat lamp in the summer...
  8. gypsymoonfarm

    Dang Coons!!!

    Quote: ME TOO!!! ME THREE!!!
  9. gypsymoonfarm

    I Tried Candling (with pics)

    I have a great way to candle and it's so easy my children do it. Take a pen flashlight. They're long and thin, like a pen. Go into a completely dark room. Set the egg on the end of the light and put your hand around about half of it. Then spin it until you see red veins. It worked on all...
  10. gypsymoonfarm

    Their Gone!!! Chicks Died :( :(

    Wow, I'm sorry you lost your eggs. I lost my last batch including a peacock egg. For some unkown reason the incubator shot up over 104. I'm using it again so I'm not counting my eggs until they hatch...... I hope you have better luck with the hydrometer.
  11. gypsymoonfarm

    more sick babies, REALLY need some help this time!!!!

    I had to battle with some sick fowl and here is what I did: They were dusted with sevin dust once and again in 10 days. On the first day I dusted I gave them one tenth of a cc of ivomec and then I also treated them with panacure. I gave them 1/3 of a cc for 3 days. They recovered from their...
  12. gypsymoonfarm

    Setting 7/21 - should be due on 8/10 anyone else?

    I'm jumping in, I got 16 d'uccle eggs in the mail and they are in the incubator. They will be due sometime around the 10th or 11th if they survived the shipping. 5 blue mottled 4 black mottled 4 lavender 3 porcelain My incubator has no humidity guage, do any of you wing it? I borrowed it...
  13. gypsymoonfarm

    House chickens?

    Quote: I am in the southeastern tip of Iowa, almost in Missouri.
  14. gypsymoonfarm

    House chickens?

    She really was special. A book saleswoman saw her and after spending time talking to me, told me I needed to take her to Hollywood. The hatching eggs will be a mix of lavenders and splashes. I'm hoping to get a lavender hen hatched. If not I'll work with whatever hatches.
  15. gypsymoonfarm

    ducks in chicken coop

    I did it for a while but it was too gross. Chickens hate being wet (at least mine did) and ducks are always wet. They fouled the drinking water as soon as I put it it the pen. They couldn't figure out how to go up the ramp. I lost patience and moved them. The pen was much nicer afterwards.
  16. gypsymoonfarm

    House chickens?

    One week ago I lost my flock. I've had them for a year and a half. They free ranged all day, but last Monday we were busy late and I forgot to lock their doors. They were all gone in the morning. In that flock was my beloved granny chicken. She was a lavender d'uccle that I got at a swap...
  17. gypsymoonfarm

    Can I wash eggs? First timer at incubating

    I got some free peacock eggs at a greenhouse. Only one of them is viable with blood vessels. I decided to add some of my own porcelain d'uccle eggs so the little peacock will have some friends. The problem is that my porcy eggs are filthy. Really really poopy. Can I wash them all and expect...
  18. gypsymoonfarm

    My mothers day gift!!

    And I thought I was weird for asking for a goat pen for my birthday and help in the garden for mother's day. Looks like I fit in nicely. Your ducklings are lovely! It's so nice to have a well built pen to keep everyone safe.
  19. gypsymoonfarm

    14 Bantam Chicks (Extremely Pic Heavy, EXTREME CUTENESS WARNING!)

    What feed store do you go to for those breeds???!!! I've been to so many and the most extravagent chicks I've seen are porcelain d'uccle and yesterday I saw some polish. Otherwise it's all meat/layers. Booooooring. Anyway, those are some super cute chicks, congrats on getting them!
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