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  1. lilchickenhawk

    Who is using the pullet shut doors? Please help:-)

    Thank you so much. i ordered one and cant wait till it comes. i got the solar option as not to use one of my 2 outlets since they had that option..
  2. lilchickenhawk

    Who is using the pullet shut doors? Please help:-)

    how do you like them? how reliable has it been? do you have either the trickle charger or the solar one and how do you like it?
  3. lilchickenhawk

    My first hatch starts next tuesday.

    Is anyone else hatching soon? i started with 2 dozen americana eggs and 6 keets. 3 of the keets have gone by the wayside and 2 of the othe eggs were non starters. I also bought a new Brinsea 20 and set another 2 dozen last thursday, so i will have my hands full if they hatch. i feel confident...
  4. lilchickenhawk

    leg bands

    blackbird, how old should a bird be to know that thay will not grow out of them and need to be removed. My birds are 12 weeks?
  5. lilchickenhawk

    Leg banding young chickens

    How old are chickens before you can put permenant leg bands on them? I have some that are 11 weeks old. Thanks for your help
  6. lilchickenhawk

    Good morning Coop. I am new to chickens (kinda) and new to the list.

    I have had a few chickens a few times but nothing like i have managed to get my self into this time. I have 80 pullets Barred rocks, RIR, Easter eggers, Red star and a few more pure bred breeds. 1/2 are 11 weeks and the other 1/2 are two weeks. my question is how old are they before i can put...
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