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  1. diddlysquat

    Diddly Squat Is Red Hot

    Diddly Squat is Red Hot!!! We started with 6 chickens, our first time being chicken keepers. We have 5 left: One killed by our other dog(not this one, he just herds) and two injured by another dogs rough housing. These are Rhode Island Reds, but two of them are cross between Leg Horn and RIR-...
  2. diddlysquat

    Please help...could be Avian Pox?? not sure

    Thank you for your detailed experience with Avian Pox. Really, really helpful. Here is what the UC Davis/Ag Science pdf says about treatment: "Treatment: Prevention by vaccination is better than treatment. However, individual affected birds in small flocks may be treated. Swab lesions in...
  3. diddlysquat

    Does this look like fowl pox?

    Questions Questions????? All about the pox. If you separate bird from flock, after scabs fall off and seems ok, return to flock? If birds have dry pox, go through process and live through it, are they immune? Like we are after we get chicken pox? Really, nothing to do but give vitamins...
  4. diddlysquat

    How do you splint a wing that might be broken?

    Well, the chicken is in recovery, but her left wing is still droopy and I think it might need to be tied up or splint attached. I don't know how or if this is necessary. Suggestions.
  5. diddlysquat

    Advice on saving chicken from dog attack. Help

    Good Morning, Rise and shine. I thank you all for your quick response. I kenneled the hen last night in the coop. This morning I placed hen a larger kennel with food(some lay pellet, scratch, scrambled egg, and wheatgrass) and water. Will continue Clyndmyacin She is awake and aware. so we...
  6. diddlysquat

    Advice on saving chicken from dog attack. Help

    Hi folks, here's the situation. Yesterday, one of my RIR's got flung by the dog. This is the second one that this has happened with. The first one took about three days to come out of her trauma and I didn't sew her up, but she healed and now is all better. Yesterday's hen has torn skin...
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