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  1. ams4776

    Can I feed too many kitchen scraps?

    I will come home with 2 to-go boxes of food for my chickens from work. They LOVE it, by that evening its all gone and they still do eat their normal food. I get 4-6 eggs daily from 6 hens they are healthy and happy. So I've had no probs with overfeeding my hens leftovers.
  2. ams4776

    stuck for a kennel run roof

    Never tried those....but my run is oddly shaped so i know thats not much of an option. Do u have harsh winds? Would worry it would blow off. I know its near impossible to keep tarps down around here
  3. ams4776

    stuck for a kennel run roof

    Yeah that sticky snow sucks. Had my run collapse inward last winter from the pileup. Taking precations this year but need bigger since i finally wore my dh down to let me expand. (Think he was waiting to make sure i could put our extras into camp freezer no prob)
  4. ams4776

    stuck for a kennel run roof

    The hoop wouldn't work to welll unless i had a way to divert water from running into the run. Trying to keep em from getting to drenched and keep snow out so they can use it in winter. We've had some nasty snow falls last few years.
  5. ams4776

    stuck for a kennel run roof

    The steep intp the building may work. Utimatly the kennel is all around the building. Going to split the run in two. One for adults and when i breed block off part for babies (their 'coop' will be in the building through a window.) Thanks for the input.
  6. ams4776

    stuck for a kennel run roof

    okay I'm making plans to make a kennel run this spring and figured now is the time to start my blueprints and pricing. Im stuck on the roof though, I'm in north west Pa so snow is the issue for me. Im looking for a cheap way to roof it that wont buckle under the snow or get blown away. Im...
  7. ams4776

    Getting Ready for Winter in Central PA

    Im in western pa and my first winter. I do plan on covering most of the run with plastic to keep snow out. Also checking the water at least 3 times a day because of freezing. Going to use the layer method for the coop so the hay gives extra warmth. But ill be watching this for any other ideas.
  8. ams4776

    i did it...

    Sorry my phone posted by accident b4 i was ready. I fixed it lol
  9. ams4776

    i did it...

    I processed my first chickens. Under 1 hr to do 2stuff of em. Much thanks to so many great posts on here to read through. Im just so glad i got through the whole ive raised these guys since eggs thoughts. Looking fwd to chicken soup tomorrow now.
  10. ams4776

    Someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eat up id say
  11. ams4776

    wazine x question please help

    Thanks for answering. Unfortunately as for the treats thy dont get individual treats and fight when we do a few at a time. So anyother i can put in their water?
  12. ams4776

    wazine x question please help

    So the wazine x instructions are for 100 chickens.....should i cut back dosage for my 4 chickens or do it as instructed. The guy at tractor supply said cut it back but sometimes those guys dont have a clue. Thanks they def have the worms so need to get it done.
  13. ams4776

    what time do your birds roost for the night?

    Mine hang out in the run till dusk then i'll go lock em in. Right now it's before 930 but see if that changes as the time shortens. Been debating on trying to let em roam for an hour at before they go in but not sure if they would go back.
  14. ams4776

    Exposing kids to butchering. Please take a second to weigh in.

    Im having my 5 yr old watch and help process. But he has seen the cats here hunt and plenty of dead critters. Once he told his dad that he should've had his gun in the car to shoot the turkey we saw. (So we could eat it) ive raised on to understand facts of life (not detailed detailed but...
  15. ams4776

    coon almost got em!

    So was running late on locking my girls up. (Kids misbehaving before bed) went out with my headlamp to see eyes glowing in my run. Uhoh the coop is open. Grabbed my 22 and went out to see him still there. Well now there is one less coon to worry about. I know my run isnt completely predator...
  16. ams4776

    Cooling Treats - Post Them Here

    Ive been freezing my oversized cucumbers from the garden. As they melt they are even juicier then fresh. Plus something to use em since i wasnt planning on pickling this year lol
  17. ams4776

    question on introducing

    I dont plan on to much interfering. Was going to only do 2 newbies but one hen stopped laying. Seeing as i dont want to go over 6 total chickens till expantion im gonna remove her anyway and go to camp freezer with the other babies im raising. So didn't know if i should do it earlier or same...
  18. ams4776

    Men - I gotta question.....

    Quote: I don't think we can generalize that. I know both types of men, and not all of them jerks like my ex, LOL. Some guys like really skinny women, some like them to have "a little extra" and some don't have a preference. And for the record, when I was stick skinny I ate PLENTY. I just had...
  19. ams4776

    question on introducing

    So i have some hens i will eventually introduce to my adults. (They are youngins yet so wony be for a few months yet) but was wondering if removing an adult hen at the time of introducing new hens would be a good idea? My thought is it would mess up the pecking order enough for the newbies to...
  20. ams4776

    guess im trying a pheasant now

    So dh gets a text today. A friend has a 2 week old pheasant they need to get rid of. Well it will be here tomorrow. My single chick could use a buddy anyway i guess. Soo anything really special i should know? And hoping for luck even though this guy will end up as a dinner. Oh my dh first he...
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