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  1. macadam8157

    Introducing a Rooster into my flock of 1 year olds.

    Just looking for any tips and tricks other might have or have used to make this process smoother. Recently just threw another Roo in there with them and had to take him out and give him back to the previous owner b/c he was keeping two of my ladies from the flock all together.
  2. macadam8157

    Can I please see pics of roosts and laying boxes you have made?

    Quote: The coop turned out great! Never saw the finished product on your other thread. But looks good!! Nice job!
  3. macadam8157

    10 Tips for a Cooler Coop

    Quote: I would have the fan pulling air from the coop. If the coop is properly ventilated, you'll be pulling outside air into the coop and then back out. The movement of air is the cooling. thx
  4. macadam8157

    COOP Temperature???

    Yeah in the process of getting there enclosed run together. I have the lumber already just gotta get the hardware cloth and get some time to work on it! But yeah still a work in progress.
  5. macadam8157

    COOP Temperature???

    There is a window on the woods side "East" as well as two 16"x4" vents on each a frame section!
  6. macadam8157

    COOP Temperature???

    lol thanks for the help But just to clarify as long as its under 95 they should be ok??
  7. macadam8157

    COOP Temperature???

    so should i blow air out with the fan or in? out or in??? lol
  8. macadam8157

    Aviary Netting

    Where do you purchase order your aviary netting?
  9. macadam8157

    COOP Temperature???

    Quote: There just in the coop most the day now and they get let out for a few hours! If i put a fan in the window should I put it blowing air in or sucking air and blowing it out??
  10. macadam8157

    Sand and Silica

    Play sand is good from lowes. And I use food grade DE! I've had no problems. Good luck with your choice.
  11. macadam8157

    10 Tips for a Cooler Coop

    If i put in a window fan should it be blowing air in or sucking air out of the coop????
  12. macadam8157

    COOP Temperature???

    Its around the mid 90's sometimes during the day. Is there a such thing as too hot inside the coop????
  13. macadam8157

    roly-poly football - should I worry?

    Mine have eaten tons of them and I've never purchased any store bought grit. They just get sand or dirt from scratching and pecking. There very healthy ladies!! Sooo I wouldn't worry yourself over it!
  14. macadam8157

    BROODER thread! Post pics of your brooders!

    Quote: I'm gonna take that and say a perch or just some type of obstacle to play on so the little ones don't get bored. But do correct me if I'm wrong. I mean they could have an easy bake oven and teach there bitties to make bread.
  15. macadam8157

    Eating chicken

    Nope I still LOVE to eat chicken!!! Just not mine! They are strictly layers!
  16. macadam8157

    outside time ?'s

    These are tetra tints and production reds! Also I'll be putting a enclosed run on there coop soon, so this isn't a long term thing, and i'll be out there gun in hand there whole outside adventure til the coop is cleaned out and there all back in there safe and sound.
  17. macadam8157

    outside time ?'s

    My babies are all around 8+weeks old now and in there coop. Havent had the time with the weather to let them out. Today is supposed to be nice, however I dont have there run up yet but the coop is in a chin link dog fence that is about 4-1/2' high with NO TOP! My question is does anyone think I...
  18. macadam8157

    IT IS DONE ! Woot !

    Looks great! Painted it the same color as mine will be! Good choice.
  19. macadam8157

    Chicks Love Perching!

    i put a few bricks in the brooder when there very young. They loved em.
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