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  1. 12GAGirl

    My RIR rooster is becoming mean!

    Well I knew when my lil rir rooster was so sweet when he was young would not last long. He has run into the back of my legs twice now in the last few days. He had attacked my Dad one time a couple of months ago but I figured it was because Hercules was not use to seeing my dad in the chicken...
  2. 12GAGirl

    how many Eggs you get today

    6 out of 8 hens
  3. 12GAGirl

    caught a possum in my trap can I...,..

    Quote: a bigger gun will kill a possom just as quick as the 22 I don't think it's a question of the effectiveness of the weapon - she lives right outside of NYC! I don't think she's allowed to shoot weapons of that calibur in her backyard...
  4. 12GAGirl

    caught a possum in my trap can I...,..

    I am so unsure why people think drowning is better than shooting. I mean have you ever thought about what that animal goes through before it finally dies! I almost drowned as a child and that is not the way I would want to go I would much rather be killed quickly. I am a hunter and believe a...
  5. 12GAGirl

    how many Eggs you get today

    6/8 today
  6. 12GAGirl

    So... I never knew Roosters were so smart.

    My RIR rooster, Hecules will not eat treats either until his girls have gotten theirs and when one hens strays too far from the rest he goes and gets her so all his hens are together. He also attacks my dogs when he sees them so I guess he thinks they will harm his women.
  7. 12GAGirl

    Trading your eggs!

    I have yet to sell any of my extra eggs but yesterday my father traded a dozen and half eggs for some fresh squash and vidalia onions that he shared with us. I was wondering if anyone else trades their extra eggs for other stuff?
  8. 12GAGirl

    Rhode Island Reds

    I have 5 rir hens, 1 rir rooster, 2 EEs and 1 SLW and my rirs get along great with the oher breeds but 1 of my EEs is bossy and grabs hold of the other hens when they get too close to her.
  9. 12GAGirl

    Do chickens eat ticks?

    Well my flock does when I toss them into the run with them now if they do it when they free range I have no clue!
  10. 12GAGirl

    PLEASE tell me all you know about Plymouth rocks and Wyandottes

    I have a flock of nine with only one SLW but she is the coolest little chicken I have. She lays a medium size cream colored egg almost everyday. She is a mellow hen and gets along well with the RIRs and EES that she has been raised with.
  11. 12GAGirl

    how many Eggs you get today

    6 out of 8 today. I have a rir hen that is a slacker. I have yet to get 8 out of 8
  12. 12GAGirl

    how many Eggs you get today

    7 out of 8!
  13. 12GAGirl

    Spider plant killer!!

    Thank you! It seems that I am doing everything right then. Maybe the browning is from the plant being outside when I purchased it from the store. I have it inside now.
  14. 12GAGirl

    how many Eggs you get today

    Shocked by the fact my girls only cranked out 4 eggs yesterday! I have been getting 6 or 7 everyday for months. I am waiting now to pick the eggs up for today.
  15. 12GAGirl

    Spider plant killer!!

    I have no clue if any plants people on BYC but I have to post this. I am a Spider PLant KILLER!!! I love spider plants but for some reason I have no luck keeping them. I purchased a huge one last Sept and it was pot bound so I researced the plant and repotted it just as instructions from several...
  16. 12GAGirl

    boiled eggs

    This just lets you know those eggs we were buying from the stores are OLD! yuck. I try to but a dozen aside in the fridge and wait a week or two before boiling them. I have also discovered that my two EEs' eggs peel way easier than my rirs' eggs.
  17. 12GAGirl

    Am I feeding them everything they need???

    I just sprinkle the grit in the layer feed along with the oyster shell. Quote:
  18. 12GAGirl

    Black oil sunflower seed/Feeding question...

    I feed my flock scratch and boss. I put a handful in with their layer feed first thing in the morning and then another handful in the cup of scratch feed I give them later in he day. They also get treats from the kitchen a few times during the week. Today, they are getting left over BBQ pork and...
  19. 12GAGirl

    What should I put down in the run?

    My run is just dirt and leaves that I rake up and haul in there for the flock to scratch through. About every two months I rake up everything in the run and haul it to the compost. And since my yard is full of many different types of trees I always have leaves to put back in the run.
  20. 12GAGirl

    Pair of male/Female Silkies who don't act like chickens

    That is so sad! The poor babies don't know what it is like to be normal chickens just breaks my heart. People can be so thoughtless. I think with some extra attention you can get these babies where they need to be. Do you have other chickens that they can watch and learn from? Good luck
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