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  1. CCFarms9559

    Kentucky people

    I'm in Jeffersontown. Not to far either.
  2. CCFarms9559

    First Egg Countdown

    I finally got my first eggs today! Two of them and they were in the nest box. My girls were born Dec 1 and I was beginning to think they were never going to lay. Decided they weren't getting enough light and turned my winter light back on. Yay!
  3. CCFarms9559

    First Egg Countdown

    You are so right. This is my third batch of chicks and I'm so anxious I can hardly stand it.
  4. CCFarms9559

    First Egg Countdown

    Mine are 20 weeks. 21 pullers and so far I have nothing. Combs are not red enough or big enough yet.....
  5. CCFarms9559

    Fat Hen

    Maybe she's just big boned like me;)
  6. CCFarms9559

    My Pet Chicken Gifts in Plenty

    I'd be afraid of having 30 or more roosters! But they sure are cute chicks
  7. CCFarms9559

    Shhhh... They were in the... NEST BOX!!!

    My EE's are 22 weeks and I just got my first egg yesterday. A beautiful green !!! Hope yours turn out as nice!
  8. CCFarms9559

    They just won't lay. :-(

    I have 30 born 3/20. My white leghorns are laying - and one of my golden comets - but the other 20 - NADA.... At least I'm getting a few eggs. Best of luck to you. Hard to wait.. Sounds like they are close if they are squatting.
  9. CCFarms9559

    My mom has a brain tumor....*update*

    I'm so sorry - I hope you get in touch with her soon.
  10. CCFarms9559

    Will chickens keep the deer away?

    I have chickens - and the deer still come and eat anything they want out of my garden by the chicken coop...
  11. CCFarms9559

    Cream Cheese Pound Cake...Tweaked a bit

    I made this pound cake last Sunday afternoon after you posted this. It was great! Been meaning to tell you that all week..
  12. CCFarms9559

    Egg Laying.... it's a sign! = Update!!!

    My girls were born 3/20 - and I got my first egg yesterday. From a white leghorn. My EE's that were born the same time are not happening yet - but I seem to remember they took a while longer than all my other's before.
  13. CCFarms9559

    So mad...the "sexed chicks" seem to be 5 out of 9 males

    I got two roos out of 31. Trying to figure out what to do with them myself...
  14. CCFarms9559

    Two young roos - need to move one.

    I have 19 hens that are about 16 months old. In a separate pen I have 31 "hens" I ordered this year that are currently 16 months old.. Turns out two are roos. Currently all are getting along well - course neither roos are crowing or active yet. But I anticipate I will need to move one in...
  15. CCFarms9559

    Putting a roof on a chainlink dogkennel coop run

    We used tobacco bed rails. They come to a point at the top like a roof. Covered them with a tarp and the rain and snow drip off. Have 4 on a 10 x 10 dog kennel. Our fertilizer plant sells them. DH just drilled through the ends and attached to top of kennel.
  16. CCFarms9559

    Are those saddle feathers???

    OK - well that's what I thought as soon as I saw him tonight. At least I only have one and live on a farm with no restrictions. Hopefully he won't be aggressive and it won't be a problem. I do love to hear a rooster crow. Haven't heard a peep out of him so far. Guess that's how I missed...
  17. CCFarms9559

    Are those saddle feathers???

    How could I have missed this?? This is my 4 month old GLW. I think I see SADDLE FEATHERS??? What do you think?
  18. CCFarms9559

    First Egg Countdown

    I have 31 15 week olds. Waiting - not so patiently.
  19. CCFarms9559

    hens that are constantly sneezing

    When mine started sneezing and didn't quit - I dosed them with Tylan - solved the problem. Chickens don't get colds... but they do get lots of respiratory infections - some which get very bad and can kill your whole flock.
  20. CCFarms9559

    Is this a rooster?

    OK, I'm no expert - but I think it's a hen. Their combs grow and turn red right before they lay and I think the comb is just developing. Again - I'm just a hobby chicken slave.
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