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    Comment by 'barngem' in album 'Black Sumatra'

    If you have not had the before I want to tell you that you will enjoy them.
  2. barngem

    Comment by 'barngem' in album 'Black Sumatra'

    I love my Sumatra chickens they are smart and fun and full of personality. Looks like you have several cockerels. Our first chickens were all Sumatra 4 hens one rooster, we chose the gender when we purchased the chicks. Our rooster was a good guy and took good care of our hens. We only had one...
  3. barngem

    What kind of chicken is this

    Thank you all
  4. barngem

    What kind of chicken is this

    So your saying the first chicken is a silkie mix even though he has no silkie feathers? The Second chicken yes that is evident due to the silky feathers. But I was asking about the first one. So maybe I was not clear
  5. barngem

    What kind of chicken is this

    This is not the best picture but he has a little puff of feathers under his comb and his comb is flat walnut type with what looks like two little for in the back. He is quite docile and quiet. I purchased a hen at an auction with 10 chicks, I did not sex them. But someone did all but two...
  6. barngem

    Sinus or ear infection and kinda waddles a bit. Can someone please help

    I have seached the forum and have a couple questions unanswered. I hope someone has time to reply. I have two hens that seem to have a sinus infection, no oozing or smell, just swoolen below the eye in waddle area. Noticed today that one hen is starting to swell more. One hen walks funny not a...
  7. barngem

    Barngems Page

    Well I live in beautiful Northern Lower Michigan, "Gods Country" that what they call this area. Near Traverse City, some will know the place. If your ever here in the summer you will know why its called Gods Country. But, I think whomever said that was not here in the winter. Actually our...
  8. barngem

    Chicken with sinus issue Please dont ignore my post

    After reading some old posts I believe my hen has a sinus infection, or at least some sort of blockage. She does not have a runny nose or runny eyes. But she has a bump under her eye kind of at the corner of her beak. It looked as thou it was going to go away for a while and now it is there...
  9. barngem

    Duramycin egg withdrawl time

    Quote: There is a 21 day withdrawal period. Great thanks a bunch
  10. barngem

    Duramycin egg withdrawl time

    When using Duramycin does anyone know how long before the eggs are OK to eat ?
  11. barngem

    Frostbite is driving me nuts!

    Dont let him sleep outside. Even if you have to put him in after dark when the hens are roosted. They wont pick on him after dark. Sorry Kinda long A couple things you can do You can get a small matt heater that is for dog houses or cat beds. Get the outdoor waterproof one. They are safe in...
  12. barngem

    What are some funny things people "know" about hens?

    My son's girlfriend stated that you can tell the color egg your chicken will lay by the color of thier legs. "If they have grey legs the eggs will be grey if they have brown legs their eggs will be brown, if they have yellow legs the eggs will be yellow pink legs they lay pink eggs" I didnt...
  13. barngem

    Kids Goat's Milk Soaps - Voting Closed

    Orange Grape Monkey Fart Goats milk with a toy (wont be able to see toy right away makes it more exciting more like a prize, maybe less likely to melt it away for the toy) Maybe you could have a monkey burp smell (bannana) just being silly
  14. barngem

    Mis Pollitos

    I can see a defanite diff in waddles. What are they? They are your chickens and you have enjoyed thier company.
  15. barngem

    Lump below eye next to beak on hen Please suggest

    I have read about other chickens with simular things on the forum but none of the symptoms fit my hen. She has no discharge, no yucky smell and she feels fine and is eating fine. She is not sneezing or having any trouble that I can see at all. Its not swollen and puffy and hot like infection...
  16. barngem

    *** Best Looking Cross Breed ***

    Quote: I like this cross they are pretty
  17. barngem

    British chickens photo blog *new pix on page 4*

    OK i have to ask your title says British Chickens. Do they have a british accent when they cackle and crow Couldnt help myself.
  18. barngem

    Stink Eye!!

    OMG I almost peed my pants from laughing while looking at this thread. Made my day. My sumatra chicks and my rooster are famous for the Stink Eye. The chicks i have right now are stinkers and they give every one the stink eye including their mom. She doesnt go for it. LOL
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