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  1. dlgd

    2 Boys 1 Girl

    Oh well, Lacy's 2 eggs hatched well and she was a FANTASTIC Mom, but they turned out to be 2 Roos. Cassie was Beautiful. A mix of Old English Game and Polish Fancy and VERY smart. The other, Sammy, turned out to be a pure breed cochin roo, gentle, but not too bright. He was Cassie's right...
  2. dlgd

    Dlgds Member Page

    Married 40 yrs. to the greatest guy ever ( I know, everyone says that, but it's true). Mom to j, grammy to T and Mamma to 2 Sebrights, Missy (the boss),and Lacey, the adopted, fearful one, Goldie, the Brahman bantie, Taffy, the bantam blue wheaten Amerucana, Miss Muppet, the left for dead...
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