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  1. dlgd

    where to buy Ameraucana eggs or chicks

    I live in Idaho and am looking for SOMEWHERE that will sell small quantity Ameraucana day old chicks or fertile eggs.
  2. dlgd

    non-laying hen

    I have a 2 yr. old bantam brahma hen that has been a regular egg layer. She went through molt this Spring and then started laying again. She suddenly stopped laying and hasn't laid for about a month. She's healthy, well feed, in a calm environment and not too hot. Anyone have any ideas on...
  3. dlgd

    whitish "bumps" along my little hen's beak

    Hi all, I've a little hen who has developed whitish grey "bumps" on both sides of her beak that itch her terribly. I've given her a bath in a citrus product, used a greasy ointment on it, nothing that I've used seems to help. My other girls aren't bothered, but she in torture. Anyone have...
  4. dlgd

    bug bites

    Ok, dumb question...but has ANYONE else have a problem with bug bites after they've handled their chickens and if so>>>WHAT THE HECK DO YOU DO ABOUT IT! I am SO miserable and I've tried everything including prescription cream. If any one has an idea that worked, HELP!:O
  5. dlgd

    gangrene feet

    my adopted Polish girl, Miss Muppet, was left for dead after her feet frost bit this last winter. She has since developed gangrene in her feet and shanks. I've been treating her with peroxide soaks, anti bact. cream and a medicated tar solution. They still get hot and swollen and she has...
  6. dlgd

    broody hen

    Hi! New to this blog...I have a hen that sat for 6 weeks. I provided her with a fertile egg , but when it hatched, she killed the poor little thing, and she still acting really strange. She was my dominate hen. She's a Sebright and was really curious and smart. Will she ever get her "brains"...
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