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  1. Csun132

    Raccoon/cat Mad at myself and heart broken!

    Lost the post I typed and just can't type it all again! Gold Dust, my BO, screamed out for help last night about 10:30. Found her and it broke my heart!! I flush her wound with saline solution and tried to rub trip antibiotic on it but it will not stay. I have coloidol silver I put in a dish...
  2. Csun132

    Need help/ideas with two story playset coop!!!

    I have put the wire on the top and put the cover back on. There is a over hang that I need to decide to either leave flat with the wire going to the wood frame to the inside frame under neath and allow the frame to be used as a roost or come straight down from ceiling to the frame so there is no...
  3. Csun132

    Red Velvet has torn earlobe.

    Not sure if it was a hawk, cat, or the dominate RIR Hot Fudge. Washed it with saline solution and put trip antibiotic on it. Will clean it again this evening and try to get more dirt and dry blood off it. Any other care for it or ideas on what happen would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Csun132

    New sign up but long time user for research!

    Hey! Just signed up to the forum but I have visited and researched through the site for a while! What a wonderful group and great information here!!! Finally joined the Mothering of chickens world about a month ago and love it!!! Thanks for all the help getting to this point and for the help...
  5. Csun132

    What breed are my new babies?

    Received these babies as a gift over the weekend. Came from animal auction and was only told they were all hens and egg layers. No idea of age or breed. My research tells me the lighter speckled one may be a rooster by the stubby tale feathers.?? I am new to mothering chickens. I have 1 Buff and...
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