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  1. AnnaLease

    Deformed keet- continually scratching at head?

    The last time I hatched guinea eggs under a broody hen, I got a keet that would violently scratch with both feet at it's head and neck around the area of its ear. It would exhaust itself, lay breathing heavily, then continue to scratch and thrash around. Just before we went to kill it, it died...
  2. AnnaLease

    Is this a grey call duckling?

    The mother is a snowy call and the two fathers are a black bibbed and a blue bibbed. This baby looks like a grey accept that the light coloring is actually quite dark, the light coloring is almost the same color as the dark coloring. It is really much darker in real life than in the pictures...
  3. AnnaLease

    How long can a duck live without eating?

    My call drake is hopefully healing from poisoning. He is drinking and pooping but not eating. He got sick on Saturday morining and now it's Tuesday... and he hasn't taken a bite. I've tried interesting him in food, but he won't touch it. I would have thought that by now he would either be...
  4. AnnaLease

    HELP! I think my duck is dying!

    Yesterday afternoon and evening I noticed my call drake sitting in the grass while the other ducks were running around a long ways away. This was really strange! He has never been inactive like this! I was hoping he would snap out of it and be fine today, but when I let the ducks out of the...
  5. AnnaLease

    Just a funny pic

    OK, I got it to work: As you can see, he was screaming his head off!
  6. AnnaLease

    How am I doing with my bumblefoot treatment? Update! *New problem!*

    This is the second time my call duck Vienna has had bumble foot. I have been bringing her in every other day for over a week and soaking her foot in epsom salt and water and then putting antibiotics on it and rewrapping it. She has been staying in the duck house recovering. Anything else I...
  7. AnnaLease

    I'm getting eggs with bulls-eyes....but I don't have a rooster!?!?

    Alot of the eggs we have been cracking open lately have had very definite bull's eyes. I did some research and bull's eyes mean their fertile, right? But we don't have a rooster! We have 11 hens and we know for a FACT that they are hens because some days we get 11 eggs. The nearest rooster...
  8. AnnaLease

    Advice on what to do with a broody guinea? Update!

    We just found a guinea on a nest in the woods, after she was missing for a day. When my brother and I walked up, she and her "husband" ran off and there were 37 eggs under her! We took three of the eggs and left and then the two guineas went back to the nest. We cracked the eggs open (it took...
  9. AnnaLease

    Is something wrong with her foot? (Pics)

    Vienna, my little white call has been limping for a few day. I picked her up and checked out her foot. I soaked it and scrubbed it with a toothbrush so I could see it better. It looks to me like a callous, like how my Mom's heels are (really tough and cracked). I picked at it with a...
  10. AnnaLease

    Why are these IB hens so different looking?

    They are 13 weeks old and they're both supposed to be IB, but they look so different! Any idea why? The one on the left has a pretty solid green chest, but the other one has brown feathers with light colored lacing.
  11. AnnaLease

    WHAT is THIS? A guinea egg?

    I found this in the chicken/guinea coop this morning: Chicken egg on left, mystery egg on right. It sure doesn't look like a chicken egg! The guineas are about 20 weeks old now. Is it possible that this is a guinea egg?
  12. AnnaLease

    My new duck house!

    This is the house I made for my 4 calls. It is 36"x48"x24". As you can see, it has plenty of room for growth in my duck family population. I had to buy all the wood, but the whole thing cost only $56! ($11.31 was spent on paint.) There is no fence because they are freeranging. I still have...
  13. AnnaLease

    Another peachicks ID! :P

    I'm thinking this one is a hen. I have another one that looks the same. They are 11 weeks old. This one is 9 weeks. I'm thinking a male? And I also have these two: They are 6 weeks old. Are they too young to tell? They look like the same sex, whatever they are.
  14. AnnaLease

    Apple cider vinegar for peas?

    I've heard that apple cider vinegar is great for all animals (and humans). But I just wanted to make, sure- is it OK for peas?
  15. AnnaLease

    Is "Coastal Shell" oyster shell?

    I told my mom to get some oyster shell when she went to Campbell's, but I'm not sure if what she got is really oyster shell. The bag only says "Coastal Shell" and only mentions "shells" and "calcium"- it doesn't ever say OYSTER shell. She got 50 pounds for about $10. Do you think it's really...
  16. AnnaLease

    Do ducks NEED to bathe in the winter?

    Or can they just have a waterer?
  17. AnnaLease

    Does anybody else's calls fly? I mean REALLY fly?

    About twice a day, the two boys take a short joy-flight. It really amazes me how HIGH and how FAR they can go. They fly so far away, that they look like little sparrows in the sky, except that they have white bibs! After a few minutes of circling our 11 acres, they come back to the girls, who...
  18. AnnaLease

    Sulfamethoxine for chicks?

    The guy I got my peachicks from gave me some sulfamethoxine and said to put it in their water once a week. Does anyone elso do this? How much should I put in? I think he said a pinch of it for a gallon of water. Does this sound right? Thanks!
  19. AnnaLease

    Safe and healthy peachick treats?

    My chicks are 1 week old, 4 weeks old and 6 weeks old. What treats can I give them? Thanks!
  20. AnnaLease

    I am a peachick owner!!!

    I got my first peachicks yesterday!!! I got two little ones and three older ones. They are supposed to be IB and he let me have them for $10 each. What do you think? The little ones are supposed to be a week old and I forgot how old the big ones are. Can you tell me? Any advice is welcome...
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