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  1. hayley3

    Needing ideas and advice: Concrete floor and I already hate pine shavings

    because I have them everywhere, including my house! :eek: So the story goes...I moved and left my dirt-floor coop 😥 and now I have to reinvent a garage as my coop due to my budget. It's a 24x24 (without one single window) and right now I am using 2x4's (not attached to the floor) trying to...
  2. hayley3

    Can anyone help me with my Premier Electric poultry netting?

    I bought a Gallagher Solar S40, a 3ft T-ground rod made by Gallagher also, and even bought the special wire that Premier says to get, but my fence barely has a tingle. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! Thanks! :)
  3. hayley3

    Small chicken coop or bldg for wind/food shelter

    I am moving. I need a small coop or something that I can put out in the middle of the yard so that the chickens' food will be sheltered and they can go inside for wind protection. I will be locking them in the garage at night so this is only for daytime housing. I just need ideas, maybe...
  4. hayley3

    Need grounding rod ideas for electric netting (3ft grounding rod)

    Premier Fence wants $20 to ship a 3ft grounding rod which I think is was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions. I've been using something a guy gave me but it really doesn't work that well. It has to be something that I can hammer in the ground. Thanks, Cheryl
  5. hayley3

    Temporary chicken home needed for 6 chickens-southern Indiana

    This is a weird request but I am in the process of moving and due to slow appraisals, I might not be in the new home when I have to move out of the one I am currently in. So I am looking for someone near me who could safely house my chickens (with payment) for a very short while. I would...
  6. hayley3

    My chicken died and was alone with the rooster...but

    there's no blood...could he have killed her? What can I look for?
  7. hayley3

    Solved How do you private message someone?

    Sorry, but I looked everywhere for the answer ...I also wasn't sure where to post this question. Thanks! :-)
  8. hayley3

    Moveable electric fence during daylight hours for fox/dog prevention

    Is there anything cheaper than Premier? They want $500 for the poultry kit...and they don't take Paypal.
  9. hayley3

    I had a raccoon raid last night-no casualties

    I have to wonder how many were out in my barn but they made a mess...they knocked the pitchfork in front of the door so it was blocking the door and I could barely get in. There had to be a lot of them, it looked like what you see in a Disney movie, everything had been knocked over. I had wind...
  10. hayley3

    Free Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster-Southern Indiana

    I am in Southern Indiana. He's a gentle rooster but hates one of my chickens (because I put an apron on her, I think) so I'm trying to find him a home. He's one year old.
  11. hayley3

    Free Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster-Southern Indiana

    He's a gentle rooster but hates one of my chickens (because I put an apron on her, I think) so I'm trying to find him a home. He's one year old.
  12. hayley3

    My Rooster saga

    My gentle rooster turned a year old in May. He came in a group of 4 pullets but he was not a pullet. Anyway, he had been hurting the chickens so I separated was always injured more than the others but I assumed he just liked her more. I have de-spurred him, trimmed his toenails...
  13. hayley3

    Rooster hurting one chicken

    She had an apron this is an ongoing dilemma. He is a good rooster so I am trying to keep him. Some said he would outgrow this phase cause he is young right now. I did remove his spurs because he was leaving gashes on their backs but have kept them separated while the girls were...
  14. hayley3

    Does removing the Rooster's spur help with mating injuries?

    I am worried about my rooster situation. He is sorta my first big Rooster...although I've had hens for years. He is a big gentle ben Rooster but he is REALLY hurting my hens backs. If I didn't know better, I'd swear they were attacked by a raccoon, the wounds are that bad. I have been keeping...
  15. hayley3

    Looking for ideas to separate rooster from hens but....

    allow the hens the ability to go back and forth. I'm not sure it's possible but he is pretty big and they are pretty small, so I thought if I made them a place to lay their eggs in private and a place to get away from him if they feel the need, everyone would be happy. They stay in a 10'x30'...
  16. hayley3

    Hen with 2 deep cuts and bald spot on back

    I'm suspicious of the rooster cause she screams when he chases her...normally I just see him mount her and then gets off so I can't imagine it being caused by him. They are both 10 months old. I have two other chickens but one is very old so I kind of keep her away from him during the day...
  17. hayley3

    Hawk attack after 12 yrs; same location-long story

    And I saw the hawk the next day and he was HUGE! My chickens free-ranged for 10 years without a mishap. The ducks, well they would never last so I stopped buying them. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time which I guess helped a lot to keep my chickens safe. A couple years ago, I had a...
  18. hayley3

    Need a rooster in Southern Indiana

    I would love a Polish or a Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster...otherwise I just want a mild mannered fella. My chicks are three months old.
  19. hayley3

    Chicken makes a crunching sound when walking

    She has always had a dirty behind...for years and she's been overweight and she has always walked funny but she does have a different color to her dirty behind which is a recent thing. I'm thinking she has a broken egg inside her which is causing the crunching sound. How can I most help her...
  20. hayley3

    Lethargic chicken with mushy crop?

    I thought my chicken was egg bound and she still may be eggbound but I am not sure... I have soaked her twice and also inserted a finger in the vent but felt nothing there. I gave her calcium and also lubricated her vent area. She goes to the egg laying places and sits looking lethargic but...
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